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W/C 17th Jan

Monday 17th January, 2022.


Please choose a reading comprehension.  The first, or 1 star, is the easiest.  Going up to 3 stars which are quite tricky.  The Maths video is to be watched before completing the math's worksheet.  Today we begin with multiplying a 2-digit by a 1-digit number.  Then if you have time, in RE we are learning about Judaism.  The story of Abraham and the covenant between he and God is very important to Jewish people.  Please watch the story and see if you can write it or tell it or create pictures to retell the story.


Have a good day!

Literacy Reading Comprehension

Mathsthis week in Maths we are moving on to multiplication. We will be learning how to use the formal method. It will start easy and progressively become harder. 

Thursday's multiplication word problems

Friday - Its timestables day!! Have a practise on the speed test, try doing it a few times and see if you can better ytour score. Then work through the timestable that you need to work on. Once you have practised then you can spend some time playing some games but they must be timestable related! There are some on the main Ash class page, Math Frame, 

Literacylast week we looked at coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. We talked about main clauses and subordinate clauses. 

This week (Tuesday - Friday) we will be identifying main clauses and subordinate clauses and trying to use them in our writing. 

We will be continuing to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, chapters 9-12. There is a pdf of the book below if you do not have a copy at home. 

Tuesday - LO: I can identify a main clause.

Read chapters 9 and 10. Look at the powerpoint to explain what a main clause and a subordinate clause is.

Using the chapters that we have read so far, can you identify 10 main clauses? 

Wednesday - LO: I can write some main clauses.

Read chapters 11 and 12. Revisit yesterdays powerpoint to remind you of what a main clause and a subordinate clause is.

Complete the sheet, adding a main clause to the subordinate clauses. There are 3 different levelled sheets, they begin easy and get harder. You could do start with a few questions from the easy sheet and then jump onto a slightly harder one. 

Thursday - LO: I can use main and subordinate clauses in my writing.

Read chapter 13. You need to have a go at writing the next part of the story. 

The characters are all stood waiting for the gates to open...Willy Wonka appears...what happens next??? Don't jump too far ahead...use your imagination. If you have read the story before or seen the movies, try to think of something new/different and exciting to add to your writing. 

In your writing, you must use main and subordinate clauses. Also, remember to use capital letters correctly and full stops. Think about your sense - what can the characters see, feel, hear, smell and taste?

Friday - Use this lesson to continue with your writing from yesterday or to catch up on other bits from the week. In class, the children have asked if they can continue with their writing so that is what we shall do! We will continue to try and use main and subordinate clauses in our writing. 

To help: use these starters, add your own main clause and then see if you can use them within your writing.

  • After a minute of waiting,
  • Later on that morning,
  • While the five golden ticket holders were waiting,
  • All of a sudden, 
  • When the big iron gates opened, 

Spellings - the front tables will be focusing on using the prefix 'sub' and tele'. A prefix goes at the front of the root word.

Match the root word with the correct prefix.



The back tables will be focusing on words with endings spelt 'ture'.


Can you think of any more?

Tuesday afternoon  - on a Tuesday we do PE with Pathway Coaching (Richie and Ash) and Music with Marco. 

Science - Yr 5 -  we will be carrying out our investigation, 'Keeping Cool'. What is the best material to keep things cool?

Yr 4 - we will be learning about 'Heating and Cooling'. 

Dance - We are going to contine learning a some short dance routines to help build up our bank of moves that we can use when we choregraph our own dance.


Topic - this week we will be looking at the Mayan's God and their beliefs. We will learn about some of the different festivals and celebrations.

Take a look at the powerpoint. Read some of the question cards and have a dicussion with someone at home about it all. 

Then, have a go at creating your own Mayan God. Use the sheet to help you think of different elements for it.