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W/C 10th Jan

Literacy Monday 10th January

Maths this week is recaping the column method for addition and subtraction. We will then be solving some word problems using these methods. 

The spellings this week will be:

  • Front tables - focusing on the suffix 'ful' and 'ness'. Finding root words and then adding 'ful' or 'ness' to them. Remembeing sometimes that you need to drop the 'y' and add an 'i' instead.
  • Back tables - focusing on words with 'gu', such as guide, guidance, guitar, guard, guess, guest

Science - Yr 4 - States of Matter - Investigating Gases - Do gases weigh anything? We will be investigating how much                                  gases weigh.

                Yr 5 - Properties and Changes of Materials - Keeping Cool - How can we keep things cool? We will be planning an                           investigation how is best to keep things cool. What materials work best?

Dance - we will continue learning some short routine following some YouTube videos. We are building up a bank of moves that we can then use to choreograph our own dances.

Here is last weeks dance routine: 


Here are another few for us to try:


Topic - This week we are going to look at the Mayan Masks and design our own. We will learn about why they would wear mask and then look at lots of examples. We will focus on the pattersn, the symmetry and the colours used.