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w/b 8th November

Tuesday we are going to Marwell Zoo!!! It is own clothes on the bottom half and school jumper. Please remember a warm coat, lunch, drinks and snacks in a rucksack which they will need to be able to carry. We will be leaving at 9am and will be back for 3.30pm.


Literacy - We will looking at remembrance day poems, we will be focusing on identifying nouns and verbs, creating a poem based on using nouns and verbs e.g. guns firing, people crying and extending with adverbs e.g. people crying loudly. We will be watching watching the Cbeebies clip about Remembrance day. 


Maths - In year 2 we will be subtracting a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number, using practical apparatus not crossing ten and then crossing ten. We will be then be mixing up addition and subtraction and developing methods to solve them effectively. Also, completing adding and subtracting word problems. 


It is important they know their number bonds quickly e.g. 3+? = 8 , 9 is 4 and ?   Please practise this for numbers up to 10.


In year 1 we will be moving onto subtraction. We will be taking away and finding how many are left, introducing the subtraction symbol, counting back in ones and using fact families to subtract.


Topic- We will be using printing as a method to create an art picture of a penguin, completing our art pictures on the computer and year 1's will be creating snowflakes. 


Science - Year 1 will be finding out about animal diets, looking at omnivores, carnivores and herbivores. Year 2 will be creating a healthy plate of food based on our learning of a balanced diet. Then moving onto looking a meterials an identifying uses for different materials. 

Phonics - Year 2 will be revising oy, ir, ue and aw and focusing on spelling words with this sound.

Year 1 will be working on CCVC words like clap, spot, trip, frog, swim etc. We will be learning was.

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