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w/b 7th March

Literacy - This week we are looking at non fiction writing about owls. We are researching owls, making notes about them and creating a fact file about them. We will be looking at the layout and features of non fiction. We will be focusing on conjunctions. Can you find any in your books you are reading? 


Monday - Handwriting practising and listening to the first two chapters of 'the owl who was afraid of the dark'.

Tuesday - Researching and making notes about barn owls.   Here is a video link and  website . At the bottom of this page another fact sheet to use.

Wednesday - Planning our fact file, proof reading and editing.

Thursday - Creating a final draft of our fact files and drawing a fantastic illustration.

Friday - Reading comprehension about barn owls.



Maths- Year 2 - This week we will be continuing to work on statistics by looking at interpreting pictograms and block diagrams. We will then move onto shape. We will be recognising 2D and 3D shapes, counting the edges and vertices on 2D shapes and drawing 2D shapes.  (video links and worksheets at the bottom of the page if your child is home learning)




Year 1 - will be learning to measure, use a ruler and adding and subtracting length problems. 




Phonics - Year 2 will be revising the alternative spellings for /oo/ and /n/.


Year 1- will be revising the ue, aw, wh, ph, ew sounds and the tricky words said, so, have and like.


Science - Year 1 will be completing an investigation finding out about which materials is best to make an umbrella to keep a teddy dry. Year 2 will be finding out about waterproofing and Charles Mactinosh, completing an investigation.


Topic- We will be drawing an aerial view of the Gruffalo's woodland using a key, creating owl artwork and continuing with Van Gogh.


Computing - We will continuing with spreadsheets with year 2 and coding with year 1. Why not go on Purple Mash to have a practise.


RE- In RE we are re-caping the Easter story and creating a piece of art work that shows what was happy and sad in the story.


Music- The children will continue to be using their voices to make sounds to represent space, creating atmosphere by using dynamics.

Maths videos - Monday - interpret pictograms

                   Tuesday - Block diagrams

                  Wednesday - Recognise 2D and 3 D shapes

                 Thursday - count sides on 2 D shapes

                 Friday - count vertices of 2D shapes