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w/b 7th February

Literacy: This week, we are going to be revising the past and present tense and how we sentences using the correct tense. We will be looking at verbs, in particular the verb, 'to have' and look at how we change them from the present into the past. There will be much revision of spelling patterns this week too! Using these sentences, we are going to be starting to look at newspaper reports ready for next week when we will be writing a newspaper report detailing the escape of Oliver Twist from the workhouse.  

Maths: This week we are learning about fractions. We will begin by revising our year 2 knowledge of how to make equal parts, recognising and finding a half and quarter before learning about equivalent fractions. 

Reading and Spellings: I would like to assess all the children this week on their year 3/4 common exception words. Please keep practising these at home, perhaps focussing on one or two letters of the alphabet a week. I always remind the children that they have 2 years to get to know these words and so I am only expecting a better score from last half term, not a perfect score! You have until the end of year 4 to master them! 

Topic: We will be finding out about the life and achievements of Mary Seacole this week. Her work made significant changes to our healthcare system as we know it. We will then be able to compare Victorian hospitals with modern day hospitals. 

Art / DT: The children were inspired by a few activities on our school trip to Preston Manor last week. We will be trying our hand at some Victorian cooking this week as well as some sewing! We will be experimenting with various ingredients and tasting some traditional Victorian meals. We will also be using our William Morris designs to create our own cross stitch on canvas. 

Science: We will be finding out about many different inventions this week and where in the world they were invented. The children will be given a choice of which inventions they would like to  find out more about and will be using the laptops to research using the internet.  

Computing: This Tuesday is Safer Internet Day. We will be using our computing time on Monday to discuss the importance of keeping safe online with particular attention to respectful relationships online. How can we be respectful when we are using the internet? And what should we do if we feel others are not being respectful towards us? We will be using Purple Mash to explore some Safer Internet activities together. 

Children's Mental Health Week: Finally, this week is Children's Mental Health Week. At Fittleworth, we are very good at talking openly with the children on a daily basis about the importance of our mental health. This week, we will be giving the children even more opportunities to discuss and think about their own mental health, as well as the mental health of others around them. We will build in a variety of activities throughout the week to encourage discussion and reflection. Please keep conversations open at home too about this hot topic. We all need people around us who we can trust and I will be reminding the children this week that they can trust us in school and you at home.