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w/b 31st January

Literacy- This week we are starting to work on a new book called 'The Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl. Year 1 will be focusing on knowing what an adjective is e.g. enormous and year 2 will be working on expanded noun phrases e.g. the enormous crocodile. Can they identify any of these in their reading? Can they write a description of a family member using them? We will be writing questions to ask the crocodile and answering them when doing drama, finding adjectives in the text, writing a wanted poster describing the crocodile and answering some comprehension questions. We will also have a session focusing on our letter formation and handwriting. Please keep practising this at home, particularly letters which are not being correctly formed. 


adjective game - eating a fly


Maths- Year 2 will be consolidating their division on Monday with a variety of calculations to complete then moving onto a unit on fractions. We will be recognising equal parts of a shapes, recognising half, finding half, recognising a quarter and finding a quarter. At home you could use the terminology half and quarter e.g. half the pizza, a quarter of the apples, half the sweets etc


daily 10


Year 1- In maths this week, we are continuing to focus on numbers to 50, counting forwards and backwards within 50, looking at the tens and ones, representing numbers to 50 and 1 more/1 less within 50. 


ordering numbers game


Phonics - Year 2 will be revising some spelling alternatives for phase 5. Also practising some of the ir common exception words. Year 1 will be continuing to learn the sounds in phase 5 ay, ou, ie, ea and tricky words oh, their, people.


Science -Year 1 will be exploring properties of materials and using the correct vocabulary to describe them. Year 2 will be investigating spills and exploring which material is best for mopping up a spill.


Topic - We will be looking at toys around the World and where those countries are, ans also describing different toys. They will also be continuing to make their Jack in a box.


Computing - Year 2 will be continuing their unit of work on coding. Year 1 will be introduced to coding.