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w/b 28th March

Literacy - We will continue the use the story 'Into the forest'. We will be focusing on present tense where we will be doing some drama and writing about what we are doing. We will be writing as if we are having a dream and writing about the animals in the forest which are doing things daily. 


Maths- Year 2 - We will be using this week to revise the different operations and including word problems for all. We will doing addition and subtraction together, multiplication and division together as they relate to each other. We will also be revising fractions. Any practise of any of these would be fabulous!


Year 1 - This week we are looking at the place value of numbers and working on adding numbers together.


Place Value Shark Game


Phonics -Year 2 will be looking at alternative spelling patterns for /ar/ and /s/.


Year 1 - will be looking at revising the phase 5 phonemes. 


Topic- We will be exploring farm to fork in particular the changes in technology. Hopefully we will be able to do some healthy cooking as well over the next couple of weeks. Their fantastic Van Gogh art work will continue. 


Science - Year 1 will be considering keeping warm by looking at different materials and year 2 will be looking at different habitats. 


Computing - Year 1 will do a unit on spreadsheets and year 2 will continue to make music using the computers.