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w/b 25th April

This week we will be launching into our new topic about sea explorers. We will be focusing this half term on pirates!


Literacy - We will be reading the text 'The pirates next door' where we will be describing the pirates in wanted posters, writing our own messages in bottle and creating our own pirates and describing them. We will be answering some comprehension questions about the book as well. Our focus will be adjectives in expanded noun phrases and year 2 will be encouraged to use to words with suffixes on for example quickly, colourful, bravely, fearless, powerful, steathly, excitement.


Maths - Year 2 - They will be working on height and length this week. They will be comparing the length of objects, measuring in cm and m, answering problems about length and also practising their mental arithmetic in all the 4 operations. 


measuring games

daily 10

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Year 1 - This week we will be counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and making equal groups.


Counting in 2's song.

Counting in 5's song.

Counting in 10s song.


Phonics - Year 2 will be looking at alternative spellings for /ear/ and /sh/, as well as securing their knowledge of phase 5.


Year 1-  We will be focusing on phase 5 sounds in preparation of the Phonics Screening in June. 


Science - Year 1 will be finding out about and labelling the parts of a plant. Year 2 will be looking at micro habitats and creating a graph of their findings.


Computing - We will be reminding the children of online safety. Year 1 will be completing a unit of work on spreadsheets. Year 2 will be starting a unit of work on using graphs.


Topic - We will be finding out about pirate ships, what they are made from, the parts and labelling one. This is the start of our unit of work planning and making a pirate ship. We will be finding out about famous pirates over the next couple of weeks and creating an information page about them. We will also be able to draw a pirate.