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w/b 23rd May

1 more week until half term! I don't know about you, but I feel like this term is racing past us. I can't believe we only have a few weeks left of the summer term before you all move up to year 4. We still have lots of lovely things to do though, starting with this week...


Science: You may have noticed we haven't done any science for a few weeks to make space for our topic learning about the Vikings. Well this week, we are going to spend a few afternoons learning about plants. We will be finding out what plants need to grow and setting up our own experiments to test this. We will also be learning how water moves through plants by setting up and carrying out an investigation using celery. Mrs Ball also has some weeding and other jobs for us to be busy with in the outdoor environment so hopefully this beautiful weather will hold as we spend our days outside this week. 


Literacy: As well as writing up our investigations and experiments in science, we will be writing a part of our own Viking Saga. Our objective was to use inverted commas for direct speech which we will do this week as we write a conversation between our mythical creature and the hero of the story, Arthur. 


Maths: We will continue to learn how to tell the time this week to the minute. Some of you have really impressed me with your knowledge of the digital 24 hour clock so we will be telling the time in this way too. 


Monday: Tomorrow is a very exciting, fun-filled day. It is our red, white and blue dress-up day for the jubilee - and to bring a bottle for the summer fair. But because we also have a taster session of cricket in the morning, we will need to wear our sports clothes in red, white and blue if possible. Then, we still have Forest Schools in the afternoon so please bring some old clothes to change into at lunchtime.