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w/b 21st March

Literacy: We must finish our volcano stories on Monday before we can edit and publish them on Tuesday. Then we will begin our new unit on Biographies by Wednesday. We will be focussing on the great fossil hunter Many Anning's life, finding out about the key events from her life using the laptops to research as well as the story, 'Stone Girl, Bone Girl'. This will take us into next week before we write up her biography. 


Maths: Moving on from our unit on measuring, we are going to return to the unit on division which we all need more practise on! We will be revising how to divide 2 digit numbers by a 1digit number to begin with, before learning how to divide with remainders. 


PE: Monday will be our tennis lesson when we will be focussing on how to serve the ball to our partner. Wednesday will be our dance lesson, finishing off our volcano dance and starting our Stonehenge dance. 


Computing: We are learning how to email our friends safely through Purple Mash. Please do encourage your child to access their Purple Mash accounts at home so they can communicate with their friends. All emails are checked and approved by myself so be rest assured, I am monitoring their messages to one another. 


Topic / DT: We will be painting our volcano structures this week once they are dry. We will then be learning about earthquakes, labelling tectonic plates on a world map. 


Science: Linking to our new literacy unit, we will be learning about Many Anning and fossils. We will be learning about the fossilisation process. If you would like to have a go at making your very own salt dough fossils, I can send out the recipe for children to try at home. It's very simple. If we have time, we will do this in school.   


Reading: Please continue to read every day after school and sign the diaries. It is really helpful for us to know in school how your child is reading at home. Often, the children are rushing through the books in school, asking to change books before they have finished reading them. I will be encouraging the children to write a very short book review after each book this week to tell me something they enjoyed and something they would change about each story. Our goal is to encourage reading for pleasure with children taking time over each book, reading parts of a story twice if they would like to and having discussions about books they would recommend to others. There are still many children not reading at home at all - please can I encourage all parents to listen to their child read as much as possible to avoid a loss of confidence and fluency. We are reading more challenging texts in class and the extra reading practise at home will help them to keep up with this demand in year 3.


Parents Consultations: Tuesday and Wednesday this week after school are parents consultations, a great opportunity to see your child's work and chat to me about their progress this year so far. Please sign up before Tuesday! 


Online learning: A reminder that if your child tests positive for Covid and needs to self isolate, they are expected to complete as much of the online learning as possible from home in order to stay on track with the learning in school. If they are unwell, then they must obviously rest for as long as they need to. Contact me directly on the dojo and I can add the links to the website for you. 


That's all for now! Here's a sunny week!