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Wb 20.6.22

This week we are carrying on learning about Australian animals. We will be finding out about spiders and snakes and writing some facts about them. We will be reading the stories, 'The Very Busy Spider.' and 'The Greedy Python' by Eric Carle and writing some sentences to match the pictures from the books. We will be writing sentences to match some very funny pictures of spiders and snakes. We will be printing spiders and making making snakes!


In maths this week, we are learning about odd and even numbers, subtracting numbers from 5 and finding numbers that make 10. 


Odd and even game

Odd and even video

Number bonds to 5


In phonics we are learning the tricky words no, go, to, into, he, she, we, me, be. 


Tricky words song



The Very Busy Spider - Animated Children's Book

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The Greedy Python ~ Story Time with Ana

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