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w/b 1st November

Welcome back, I do hope you all had a lovely half term break. I was able to spend some time with my family and friends down in Devon which was much needed! I am now feeling very excited about this new half term and the exciting things we have planned! 


Topic / Art: There is still so much more we can learn about Ancient Greece and this week, we will be studying Greek vases. Quite often the Ancient Greeks painted pictures of their life and things that were important to them on vases. We will be designing our own vases this week, ready to make during our Greek Day, next week! 


Literacy: We will be writing tourist guides to Ancient Greece over the next 4 weeks. This week, we will be finding out about the features of a non-chronological report to help us to form our own. We will be learning about headings, sub-headings, using the present tense and different types of words to form sentences. We will be reading a non-fiction text all about sports to support our learning. Perhaps at home this week, you could search your bookshelves for information texts and see if you can spot any of features. 


Maths: We will be beginning our multiplication and division unit this half term. We must be securely able to recall the 2, 5 and 10 times tables before we can move on so this will be our mission for this week! You can be practising at home by using Times Tables Rockstars, or testing yourself by counting in 2s, 5s and 10s before trying the division facts. 


Science: This half term, we will be learning about forces and magnets. This week, we will begin the unit by looking at the forces of push and pull. Can you name different objects around your house which only move if you use a push or pull force on them? When you sit on a chair, which force are you exerting onto the chair when you sit down? Or when you pick up a pencil and use it to write, which force are you using then? We are going to be finding our there are forces all around us!


Remember: It is Forest Schools on Monday afternoon, weather permitting, but do come to school prepared for a rainy, muddy walk through the forest.