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w/b 1st November

I hope you all had a good week off and are ready to start this next half term where we will be doing lots of work all about 'cold' 


Literacy - We will be reading 'The rainbow Bear'. We will be doing some drama about the book by doing freeze frames, writing speach bubbles for the characters, retelling the story and looking at tsectinos of the text. Year 1 will be reminded about finger spaces, working on using full stops, capital letters and question marks. Year 2 will be securing our understanding of the 4 different sentence types - statements, commands, questions and exclamations. They will be using the correct punctuation and identifying the different sentences from the text. 


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Maths- In maths this week and next week will be working on addition and subtraction. Year 1 will be focusing on addition this week, in partiicular using their number bonds to help them add. Any practise knowing their number bonds would be benificial as well as practical adding at home. Year 2 will be adding and subtraction to begin with not crossing the 10's but moving onto crossing the tens. We will be using dienes and ones practically and then encouraging the children to draw them to help their calculations. We will be applying the calculations to problems and developing our maths knowledge by trying out some challenges. 


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Spelling-  Year 1 will be spelling words with the digraphs ai and oi like train and boil. Year 2 will be spelling words with 'le' at the end like table and apple.


Phonics - This week Year 1 will be working on phase 4 where the focus is on CVCC words like lamp, tent and mend. Year 2 will be working through phase 5 - ay, ou, ie, ea. Also working on common exception words in class. 


Science (Monday)- Year 1 will be comparing animals and looking at what is similar and different within the animals groups e.g. birds, mammals, reptiles, fish and amphibians. For example some birds are all different colours but they all have feathers.

Year 2 will be finding out about healthy living and what a balanced plate looks like, considering the different food groups we need to eat and in which quantities.


Topic- In computing we will be reminding ourselves about online safety and also developing our presenting skills by drawing an artic picture. In art we will be exploring cold colours by taking a line for a walk and filling the gaps with different colour and in geography we will be finding out about where the polar regions are, comparing them to the UK and locating them on a map.


FOREST SCHOOL IS ON. Year 1 Tuesday and Year 2 Thursday and remember wet weather clothes.