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w/b 18th October

This is our last week before half term. All the children are working hard and settled in well to the routine of year 1/2.


Literacy- This week our work will be focused around the text 'Mama Panya's Pancakes'. We will be discussing the book, answering questions about it, retelling the story, writing about Mama Panya and the setting of the story. We will continue to work on finger spaces, full stops and capital letters with year 1. In year 2 our focus will be on different sentence types, identifying commands, statements, questions and exclamations.


Phonics - This week we will be revising phase 3. We will be looking at er, syllables in words and writing captions. Year 2 your spelling will be common exception words and year 1 will be v, ve.

'er' Words | Phonics Phase 3

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Let's Learn About Syllables | Jack Hartmann

Build your body and brain while you learn about syllables. Jack Hartmann explains syllables are really parts of a word and they are like a beat that can be h...

Maths- This week we will be adding and subtracting. Year 2 will be adding by making 10, 2 digit add 1 digit crossing the 10's, subtracting tens, subtracting crossing the 10's. Year 1 will adding single digit numbers, using strategies like making 10. So it's really important for them to know their number bonds to 10. 


daily 10

helicopter rescue


Topic- We will be looking at the marvellous marsai, comparing their day to ours in the UK. We will be looking at African patterns in order to do a piece of artwork. 


Forest school - Tuesday year 1, Thursday year 2