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w/b 17th January

Topic: This week, we will be learning about roles within the Victorian home. We will consider what life was like in a rich home compared to a poor home. We are going to imagine we are applying for a job in a very grand Victorian home. What could we do? What are our strengths? Which role will be most suited to us? This will prepare us for our visit to Preston Manor next week. We will then write our letters of application to Preston Manor, giving reasons why we think we should be given the jobs. We will find out next week what they thought of our letters. 


Literacy: We will continue our reading of Oliver Twist as a whole class. We are on chapter 3, finding out what happened next to Oliver after he was shut away in the basement, as punishment for asking for more food! We will use Oliver's experience to begin planning our own diary, as a Victorian child. We will create a timeline of events so far before writing our diary entries using our checklists to ensure we have included all the features of a diary. 


Learning from home? Write your diary this week.

Monday: Spend a day on the introduction. Where are you? What can you see? What can you hear and smell? How do you feel? e.g. Dear Diary, What a horrible day I have had! I am sat here on my bed as hard as a rock, shivering from the freezing cold breeze that's blowing through my window. It is so dark, the only light I have is from a small, flickering candle. Shadows are dancing across the walls making me feel scared. I have never been so hungry in all my life as my stomach is growling with pain. You won't believe what happened to me this morning...

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Write about the morning, the afternoon and dinner. Use the plot of Oliver Twist in chapter two as your inspiration. You were woken up early by the master. What jobs did he force you to do? What did you eat for breakfast? Then, what happened in the afternoon? More jobs? At dinner time, you asked for more food and what happened then? Remember to include your feelings and thoughts throughout your diary. 

Check your work each day and see what else you could include to add more detail and description. Conjunctions? 

Maths: We are moving away from multiplication and division and starting a new unit in maths on money. We will build on our previous knowledge of pounds and pence as we begin to convert these into different values. e.g. How can we make 50p using different coins? We will be adding and subtracting money in a range of problems, and finish the week by learning how to give change.  


Learning from home? Use the resources below to support your learning. 

Science: We have been finding out about Victorian scientists and inventors and this week its the turn of Alexander Graham Bell. We will be finding out about his invention of the very first telephone and looking at how phones have evolved over the years since. 

Art: We have been studying the artist William Morris and the children have been so inspired by his art based on nature. This week we will begin to add some colour to our sketches using acrylic paint. 

PE: We will be continuing with hockey on Monday afternoon, learning how to pass and stop the ball. On Thursday afternoon, we will be using the equipment to explore using different levels and speeds of travel in our sequences.