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w/b 15th November

This week, our focus will be on reading. In Maple class we love reading and make time for it every day. It always makes me smile when the children ask me, 'How long until reading time?' Everyone is becoming more independent at writing in their own reading diaries and changing their books when they need to. This week, I would like to give the children the chance to earn Dojos for their reading AT HOME. I expect the children to read 5 times a week at home during the week, with parents or other adults, signing the diaries to show they have heard the children read. If I can see 5 signatures I will award a Dojo. We will continue to hear the children as much as we can in school too but it is essential that the reading is happening at home too. When I feel the children are ready to be moved up a colour or onto a different level of book, I will let the parents know via the reading diaries. 


I am also checking the spelling books daily every morning to see if any practising of spellings is happening at home. When I mark the children's writing in class, I often spot many common exception words, or easier words, spelt incorrectly. I will be sharing these words with the children during the week and writing them in their spelling books as extra words to practise. Words like 'my' I often see spelt as 'mi' by children who are confidently spelling much trickier words! So please help support your child with these words this week. We will continue to support the children in school every day with their spellings. This is always at 8:45 as soon as the children arrive for school so please ensure your children arrive on time. 


I do have a Booster group that has started last week for those children who need to work on their handwriting and spellings on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings at 8:30. If are interested in your child joining this group, please do message me and I will be pleased to welcome them in. Again, it's vital that your child is prompt so we can make the most of those extra 15 minutes before the other children arrive. 

Topic: We are finding out about what daily life was like for children in Ancient Greek this week. We will be comparing what we find out to how our lives are today and consider what's changed and what is still similar.   


Literacy: We are researching, note-taking and learning how to organise information this week. We will be reading non-fiction texts about Ancient Greece to gather more facts for our tour guides. 


Maths: We are continuing with multiplication and division this week. We will be revising how to divide by sharing into equal groups and by making equal groups. (e.g. 15 shared into 5 is the same as 15 shared into groups of 5.) We will be solving problems too to ensure our skills are embedded and we have mastered them. 


Computing: Now that Forest Schools is finished on a Monday afternoon, we will be going back to our computing lesson. This week, we will be starting our Online Internet Safety unit. I would like to talk to the children about how we use the internet and what to do if we stumble across content which may be inappropriate or above our age rating. Please do have these conversations with your children this week too. Does your child play online games at home that you know about? Are they safe online? We use the SMART rules at school to help us to remember what we should do online. Click on the link below to find out more. 



PE: This week we will be starting our Basketball lessons on Mondays and continuing with our Dance lessons on Thursday afternoons. 


DT: Our clay pots are slowly drying out and should be ready for us to paint this week. We will be using black paint to add detail to our pots, just like we drew on our designs. I will upload photos of these once they are finished! 

CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE: Rehearsals are well underway for our performance this year of Peter Pan. Many of you will know by now that your children have been given their parts and the song words to learn at home. As year 3s, we are supporting the older children in the play who traditionally are given the larger roles to play. This is mostly due to the sheer amount of lines the year 5s have to learn. Our roles are very important as we need to sing loudly on stage. It is vital that the children know all of the song words, even for the songs they are not a part of (e.g. Pirates still need to know the mermaids song) as we sing as part of the chorus. Please do ask your children this week to sing the songs to you and share how rehearsals are going with you. It's going to be fabulous!