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w/b 14th March

Friday 18th March - Home Learning


Maths   Today we will focus on 4 times tables only.  First of all can you complete the space race sheet.  Time how long it takes.  Don't worry if you can only complete half of the sheet at first.  Now its time to practice!  Write down your 4 times tables and spend time learning and memorising them.  Complete the 4 times table booklet.  Now time yourself on the space race challenge again and see if you beat your first score!


Literacy Can you read chapters  9 and 10 of Fantastic Mr Fox and answer the following questions.

How would you describe Mr Fox's mood in Chapter 9, how is he feeling?  Why do you think he feels like this?  Write down all the reasons.

How does Mr Fox's mood change in Chapter 10?  How has he changed?  Why?

Thursday - Home Learning - Maths

Extra fluency questions for measuring perimeter

Literacy: We have been learning how to use similes and expanded noun phrases. This week we are going to be using these skills to write our own narrative of a villager in Pompeii during the explosion of Mount Vesuvius. We will be using our text for this half term to inspire our writing and give us lots of ideas. 


Maths: Carrying on with our measuring unit, we will be subtracting lengths, measuring and calculating perimeter and finally solving problems using our skills from the week. 


Topic: We will be continuing with our learning on volcanoes this week as we design and build our own volcanoes, ready to explode. We will go out onto the playground this week to watch a real explosion using coke and a mentos. This will help us to better understand the force with which a real volcano explodes. 


DT: Using an old plastic bottle, some newspaper and lots of PVA glue, we are going to build our own volcanoes. When they are dry, we will decorate them using acrylic paint and varnish.  I will be sure to take lots of photos of the children's work before we use them in an explosion! 


Science: We will be learning about Mary Anning this week and fantastic fossils. Why was she famous? What is a fossil? 


Computing: We learned how to communicate with others by email last week. This week, we will be learning more about how to keep safe when emailing. 


PE: On Monday we will be learning how to receive the ball in a game of tennis. On Wednesday we will continue with our dance unit on volcanoes. I promised the children I would video their dance this week to show parents so watch out on the dojo!


Music: On Thursday afternoon we will have Marco to teach us music. He is excited to be teaching us again and we can't wait to see what we will learn with him this week. 


*Please do sign up for parents evening if you haven't done so already. Message me on the dojo if the times offered do not suit you and I will do my best to find another available time in my diary when we can meet.


*Another date for your diary is the Goodwood meeting for ALL parents. This will take place after school on Thursday 31st March. I will be taking you through the itinerary for the residential trip and answering any questions you may have. Not to be missed!  


That's all for this week. 


See you Monday. 


Mrs Westbrook