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w/b 14th March

Literacy - This week we will be reading 'The owl who was afraid dark'. We will be concentrating again on conjunctions - and, but, or, so, when, because, which. Can you find these in your reading? We will be writing about Plop in our best handwriting focusing on letter formation, planning our own chapter for the story and writing it. Year 2 will be using purple pen to proof read and edit it. 


Maths- Year 2 will be continuing to work on shape. We will be finding lines of symmetry, counting the faces, edges and vertices of 3D shapes and extending shape patterns. Can you name shapes around your house? Cylinder, cube, cuboid, sphere, prism, pyramid, cone and describe the properties? Can you draw 2D shapes e.g. circle, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon and pentagon.


Year 1 will be starting a unit on weight and mass. We will be measuring the mass of objects and comparing them, solving problems involving weight and mass. 


Phonics - Year 2 will be revisiting the /ow/ and /ng/ phonemes.


Year 1 will be learning /oe/ /au/ /ey/ /i-e/ /o-e/. 


Science - Year 1 will be sorting materials based on their properties and thinking about the season of 'Spring'.

Year 2 will be finding out about things which are alive, dead or never been alive.


Topic- We will be looking at woodlands in the local area and in the UK, looking at maps. We will be drawing sunflowers using different materials. Hopefully, we will be making a sculpture of a woodland animals (clay arriving dependent). 


Computing - Year 1 will continue with coding and Year 2 spreadsheets. 


RE- We will continue to learn about the Easter story and Easter traditions. We will be making paper mâché eggs.