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w/b 13th September

Well done everyone on an excellent week 1 of this new academic year. You have all done so well and worked so hard, let's keep it up!


Please read at least 5 times a week and record it in the diary. Your child will be awarded a reading dojo if they do this!


Spelling - Read the words given first and practise spelling them in a variety of ways.


Literacy - This week we will be reading 'The Chocolate Monster'. Are any of you a chocolate monster or anyone in your family? We will be reading and exploring the text. We will try to learn some new interesting vocabulary we can use in our work. We will be focusing on finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. However, also extending our work using adjectives particularly to describe the monster.  Can you ask your children to describe the monster to you? Can they describe things around the home to you, developing there spoken language at putting sentences clearly together.


finger spaces

full stops


Phonics/ Spelling- Year 1 you will be spelling words with f/ff/s/ss and year 2 we will consolidate the year 1 objective and move onto the silent g/k.

We will be revising some of our phase 3 sounds ensuring we know them as pure sounds e.g. f not f-er. Working on segmenting, blending and spelling these words.


Maths - We continue to work on place value of numbers, working using base ten. Breaking a number down into it's tens and ones e.g. 34 is 3 tens and 4 ones. 

At home year 1 can you count groups of objects  accurately? Can you write all your numbers correctly? 

Year 2 - can you count to 100? Can you a=show how many tens and ones in each number?


Place value basketball

Place value games


Topic - This week will be focusing on looking at the weather in the UK ready to compare it to Africa next week. 


Science - Year 1 will be looking at the seasons we have in our country and starting by looking at Autumn. Year 2 will be looking at animals and their babies.

Art- We will be starting to paint a self portrait of ourselves.