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w/b 11th October

It is parents consultation meetings next week. I look forward to discussing your children with you.


Literacy- This week we will continue to work on the book we used last week. How would you teach the lion a lesson? We will be comparing this book to Little Red Riding Hood and looking at similarities and differences. We will be answering some questions about the book. Year 2 will be looking at different types of sentences - questions, exclamations, commands and statements.Year 1 will be focusing on using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. 


Phonics- This week we are learning the sounds ear, air, ure. We are also learning the tricky word 'they'. Tricky words are words that we just have to learn and can't sound out. At the end of the week we will be reading words in sentences. 


Maths- Year 1 will be working on addition facts, knowing number bonds to 10 and comparing them. Year 2 will be recapping number bonds to 10 and relating these to number bonds to 100, adding and subtracting ones then tens and 10 more/10 less.


hit the button - number bonds

more and less

fact families

post sorting


Science - Year 1 will be reinforcing their understanding of animal groups - e.g. birds, mammals, insects, amphibians, reptiles and fish. Year 2 will be looking at how exercise affects our bodies and what feeling the effects on our body. 


Topic- We will be finding out about African animals. We will be creating the texture of their furs using oil pastels. 


RE -We will be looking at creation.