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w/b 10th January

Topic: This week, we are finding out who Queen Victoria was and why she was significant. Using our research we will create timelines of the Victorian period to help us to better understand what happened in this time. Click on the BBC bitesize video link below to find out more about this infamous queen. 


Art: We will be looking at the life of artist William Morris and studying his style of artwork. This week we will begin our study by sketching our own designs. Take a look at some of his designs below. 

William Morris designs

Science: We started our unit on Inventors and Scientists by looking at the life and work of Marie Curie. This week we will be focussing on Samuel Morse who invented Morse code. His invention transformed communication and has influenced many of the form of communication we use today. Do you know any Morse code? We will be using the Morse alphabet to write and decode messages to each other this week. 

Literacy: We will be introduced to our new text, 'Diary of a Killer Cat' this week. We will begin by reading chapters one and two, identifying the features of a diary. We will do some writing based on the main characters and putting events into chronological order. We will be using role play and hot seating to find out more about how the characters were feeling and predicting what happens next. 

Maths: We are continuing with multiplication this week, learning how to multiply two digit numbers. I will be introducing the short multiplication method to the children. Click on the video link below to see this method in action. 

PE: On Monday we will be starting our new hockey unit, looking at dribbling skills using a hockey stick. On Thursday we will be using the 7 key shapes in gymnastics to begin to create sequences. 


That's all for this week. I will be hearing the children read many times this week, not only with their school/home books but also through our Whole Class Reading of the text 'Oliver Twist'. Please do read as much as possible this week at home. Booster groups for handwriting and spelling will also begin back this week. I will privately message parents who this affects as not all the children will need to attend. Booster groups for maths take place within the school timetable for those children who need extra support. Please do contact me with any questions. 


Mrs Westbrook