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Spend some time practising your spellings this morning. Choose a different way of practising today. 

Plan your own Greek myth using this story planner

Read your reading books and spend some time reading aloud to your grown up today. Can you write a book review of the chapter or page you have read today? Would you recommend it to a friend? Why / why not? 

This afternoon, we will be looking at the Olympic games, comparing what they were like in Ancient Greek times to now. Use the Power Point to talk through today's learning before completing the comparison sheet. I have also attached the pottery photo pack for you to support your learning. 

In our Art lesson today, we will be starting our chalk and charcoal column pictures. You could start by sketching a column onto black paper or cardboard first. We will be using chalk in class to go over our sketching. Finally, we will be using charcoal to add detail, but that will all be in next week's lesson! Just make a start with sketching today. Watch the YouTube clip below to support your drawing today. 

Chalk and Charcoal column