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Summer Term - First half

The Vikings 


This term our topic is all about the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons. 


Literacy: We will be retrieving and recording information about the Vikings from non-fiction texts using conventions such as indexes, contents pages and glossaries. We will be using the fiction text 'The Last Viking' written by Terry Deary (based on a true story) to explore the life of Viking warriors and find out more about Viking raids. Our grammar focus will be to use apostrophes to form contracted words and show possession. Then we will be using inverted commas for direct speech.


Maths: We will be covering fractions and time this half term. We will be ordering, comparing, adding and subtracting fractions. In our time unit, we will be reading the time to the nearest 5 minute interval using a 12-hour and a 24-hour clock. 


Art / DT: We will be designing, making and evaluating our own Viking shields and Viking longboats. Using a range of drawing and shading techniques, we will be sketching our own Viking jewellery designs. 


Science: This half term, we are learning about plants. We will be spending lots of time in our outside classroom, tending to our class patch. We will learn the parts of a plant, what plants need to grow and the life cycle of a plant. 


PE: Forest Schools will be on Monday afternoons this half term. Our PE lessons will continue to be on Wednesday afternoons. We will be learning how to play a game of rounders, learning the fielding and batting skills. A soon as the swimming pool is ready, we will begin our swimming lessons, more details to be posted on the dojo. 


Extended Homework opportunities: Reading and spelling practise continues to be compulsory in year 3. It is expected that all children practise their reading and spellings every day for a few minutes, with adults listening to children read and recording this in the reading diaries. Anything extra completed at home will be celebrated in school and rewarded with class dojos but is always completely optional. 


* Research an aspect of Viking life (food, clothes, houses etc) and present your findings on a poster or as a Power Point. Find out about the Northern lights and produce a piece of inspired artwork. 

* Read a Viking novel and share your own book review with a friend.

* Write a Viking saga.

* Design your own Viking god or goddess. 

* Write a message using Viking runes.