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Spring Term - First Half

Welcome back! I do hope you all managed to enjoy a fun-filled Christmas break with your families. I am most looking forward to a new, full term ahead of us with a new topic and lots of new opportunities for our learning. 

This half term our topic is the Victorian Era. It is an exciting time period of history to learn about with the Victorians being the ones who revolutionized industry, transport, inventions and schooling. We will be learning about the lives of the rich versus the poor. We will be finding out about life in workhouses, what life was like for children in school and comparing it to our lives today. We will find out who Queen Victoria was and why she is still fondly remembered today. We will be remembering our learning from Key Stage One when we learned about transport, the invention of the steam train and old fashioned toys. In a few weeks time, we will be taking the minibus to Preston Manor in Brighton to learn more about life for servants in a Victorian house. We will be creating our own artwork inspired by the designs of William Morris and designing our very own pinhole cameras. We will be using the text, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens to inspire our literacy work as we write diaries as if we are Victorian children living in a workhouse. 

Be sure to click on the weekly links to discover what learning is happening every week and how you can support your child's learning from home. Spellings, reading and times tables remain the highest priority as we strive to be even better than we were last half term.