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Home learning in case of self isolation

If you have to self isolate and you are well, the expectation is to complete maths and literacy. If you would like to do the topic lessons as well you can. Please upload work on dojo and I will look at it as soon as I can. Any problems with any links, please message me so I can sort them out.


Literacy - 

Monday - Listen to the story 'The Rainbow Bear' click here  After listening paint a rainbow and write down your wishes using full sentences and correct punctuation. Focus on letter formation. (See below for handwriting sheets)

Tuesday - Have a picture of the bear at different parts (or draw a picture) and write thought bubbles. Can you write a question? Command? Statement? Exclamation?

Wednesday - Describe the rainbow bear in as much detail as possible. Can you use adjectives to add to your description?

Thursday -Describe the cold setting of the book pretending you are there. What is it like? What can you see? How do you feel?

Friday - Can you find out about Guy Fawkes and write a firework poem. Can you decorate it?



Maths - For Year 2

Monday -  Today we are adding 2 and 1 digit numbers crossing 10 in an activity. click here


Tuesday - The first video is a recap lesson which some may need. However, if not watch the second about subtracting. 

                recap video        subtracting 1 from a 2 digit number video



Wednesday - Subtracting 1 digit number from a 2 digit crossing the tens. Today is an activity. click here


Thursday - Adding 2 digit numbers not crossing the tens. There is no video today but I'd like the children to add them by adding the tens and ones through partitioning. For example; 34+25 =      30 + 20 = 50        4 +5 = 9          50+9 = 59 They can draw tens and ones (sticks and dots) to help if needed.


(They do not have to answer all the addition calculations as there are a lot on the sheet)

Friday - Adding 2 digit numbers crossing the 10's. They will use the same method as yesterday

36+29=      30+20 = 50       6+9= 15         50+15 = 65        The last step some children may need the break down into tens and ones again before solving.