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Home learning

Read, practise spellings and common exception words. Work on letter formation. 


Practise your Xmas play lines!


  Literacy- For year 1 and 2

Monday - We will be reading the first part of the story Solo but stopping at the end of 'Then she saw it . . . '. Please write what you predict will happen next. Also, can you find any nouns and verbs in the part of the story you have just heard?

click here for the book

Tuesday - Listen to more of the book. We will be stopping where the bird swoops down. Write full sentences explaining what has been happening in the book so far.

Wednesday - Read the rest of the story. Write a diary extract as if you are one of the penguins. How did you feel? What did you see? 

Thursday - Write a book review of the book. What did you like? Can you summarise it for a friend? WHat was your favourite part and why?


Maths- Year 2 -

Tuesday - Count notes and coins - video click here

Wednesday - Select money - video click here

Thursday - make the same amount - video click here

Friday - compare money - video click here