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Home Learning


Here are the common exception words;

Here are the spellings patterns;

I have included a number of fun activities: 


In literacy we will be looking at food and farming, focusing on a continent a week. I will include a number of resources and activities to help you familiarise yourself with the continent (optional).


You will produce a few pieces of writing a week - I will provide more detail below - this is not optional.


I hope that you enjoy this topic - I believe it is something that you won't have covered previously in much detail, and that it is something you will find interesting because it's important and relevant to all of our lives. There will be the freedom to choose which food you write about - again, this hopefully will help you enjoy it a little more by choosing food that you like, or want to know more about. Please feel free to do your own research - find information videos/ past documentaries etc that help you. I will provide a few links or powerpoints for those of you who this would help.  


Week 1 (North America) 


Activities to learn about North America: 

website of North America resources


Literacy task 1(NOT optional) 


I would like you to produce a timeline - written in full sentences and standard English. You can either produce a timeline of the history of chocolate, the journey of fairtrade chocolate, or the history of cadburys chocolate. 

If you would prefer you can produce a timeline detailing the stages of soya beans (here is a website). 


Literacy task 2 (NOT optional)


You second tasks for the week is to compare and contrast chocolate. 


Here is a powerpoint to help you plan this.

You may choose to compare and contrast white and dark chocolate, or dairy and chilli flavoured chocolate or even fairtrade and non fairtrade choclate. Can you research the alternative stages of production to add depth? 


Again, if you would prefer why not compare and contrast orange and banana production? (Both are produced in North America). 


Extensions for Literacy - optional


Design a chocolate bar wrapper


Literacy week 2


South America! 

Optional tasks/ sources of information: 

Literacy Task One (NOT OPTIONAL) 


I would like you to produce an information poster on sugar cane, the brazil nut or coffee production. Here is some guidance on your poster production. 

Literacy task two (NOT OPTIONAL) 


This will link to your first task this week; you will be producing a persuasive argument for fairtrade chocolate or brazil nut production. Guidance on persuasive arguments;

Literacy extensions (optional) 

Can you strengthen the language used in your persuasive argument? 



Week 1


Day 1 

Subtracting from whole amounts. Here is a video




Day 2 

Fractions of a set of objects. 



Day 3




Problem solving - calculate quantities. 


You will continue working with fractions of a set of objects. 

Day 4 

Fractions challenge cards. 

Day 5 


Times tables. MTC speed test, or similar games. Here are some worksheets  to use today, and next Friday: 

Week 2 


Day 1

Equivalent fractions. All will be working on the same.

Day 2 


Subtract two fractions. 

Day 3

Please can you practise your addition and subtraction of fractions. 

Labradors please choose a level to work at on this sheet (one star is easier, three is harder).

Day 4 

Today you will be looking at fractions with different denominators - here is a video to help. 

Day 5 


Times tables - as last Friday please.  


Topic (Afternoon)


You may want to complete some of the familiarisation activities in the literacy section, and or here is a link to the Oak Academy. Choose a lesson each day for the afternoon that you would like to do - but vary it, don't do art everyday for example. 


2 January


This term


Happy new year everyone, I hope you have enjoyed some family time and are looking forward to the new term.


This term we will be studying Shakleton and his adventures in literacy which I am hoping we will all enjoy. In topic we will look into extreme weather - which I know most the children were keen to explore more. 


Spellings will continue this term - both the common exception words and the spelling patterns. I will attached the spellings on here or class dojo for easy access this term. 


This week 



In maths we will looking at rounding increasingly larger numbers throughout the week. We will, as always, continue to practise our times tables on top of this. 

If you find yourself at home this week I will send through the Maths on class dojo. 



We will complete an independent write this week, on a topic of our choice. Alongside this will be spellings - including work with homophones, and punctuating direct speech. 

Again, if you are at home, please choose a genre and complete an independent piece of writing.

This can be self improved by using a dictionary, or adding more interesting vocabulary. This shouldn't be rushed and should be independent. 



Within topic (extreme earth) we will discuss, explore and learn about volcanoes. 

If you are at home please feel free, if you would like, to research and create a poster, or labelled diagram on volcanoes. 



We will be looking at 'our environment' under the larger branch of living things and their habitats. 



Microsoft word will be introduced and researching continued. 

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday. Stay safe if you are at home. 

Miss Lane 


7 December 



These, again, will be uploaded onto class dojo. We will spend time working on both the spelling pattern uploaded onto dojo and the common exception words list. We will use a range of strategies to practise them. 



We will complete our block on statistics and start looking at perimeter of shapes.



This week we will complete our first independent write. We can chose what we write on, and how we present it, be that in a newspaper report, letter, or recount to name a few. 



We will complete our space topic with our final piece of work - producing artwork and favourite facts on the eight planets. 

Christmas play


We aim to film the play on Thursday morning. Props and outfits will be arranged in school so nothing required from home. 


30 November



Spellings will be uploaded onto class dojo. We will practise these, and the common exception words, daily. Practise can include writing them in sentences, pyramid writing, using colour, handwriting books, writing them backwards etc. 



We will be starting statistics this week - looking at, and interpreting, different charts. 



This week will focus on Mars, the red planet. We will choose an aspect (the water disappearance, its colour and position compared to Earth, or recent research carried out there) to write a newspaper report on. For anyone at home please research, plan and then write your newspaper report as we are at school. Extensions, if required, can include checking spellings using a dictionary or improving the language and making it more exciting using a thesaurus. 


ICT (Wednesday)

Research the planets to see what they all look like before we create them later in the week in topic. We will follow the techniques we covered last week in ICT for safe researching, whilst trying alternative search words to see the different results. 


Topic (Thursday, Friday) 

We will look at the planets in detail and draw them using pencils and or paint. We hope to include asteroids and rockets too in out art!


Science (Thursday) 

We will look into predators, prey and producers - choosing and researching a food chain or web and writing up about this. We will then share these with another to confirm our understanding. 


23 November 2020

Below are the details of our learning this week.



In Maths this week we will focus on our times tables - especially the speed test and rockstars. We will also revise our fractions to complete the unit.



In Literacy we will create a newspaper report for the first moon landing. 



We will continue, and hopefully complete, on posters on Earth and the Moon.  



We will use the internet to research animals and gather facts about three animals; one omnivore, one herbivore and one carnivore. We will compare their diets and habitat. 


16 November 2020

Dear all, 

I hope you have all had nice weekends.


This week we will continue with our fractions in Maths. In Literacy will be learning all about Neil Armstrong. 

In topic we will be learning all about the moon. 


I will upload this weeks spellings onto class dojo. Please feel free to practise as and when you can.


1 November 2020


We hope that you have all had a lovely half term break despite the weather!


This week we will be continuing our multiplication and division in Maths whilst we start our next topic, the Solar system. 


On the 11 November we will be attending a Remembrance event, more to follow on class dojo so please keep an eye out. 


19 October 2020 

We have uploaded our Harvest song, topic related DT and spellings for the week onto class dojo. 


As always, please continue to practise your times tables, spellings and reading at home.


In literacy we will be learning about Normandy and writing a newspaper account. 


In Maths we will be moving onto our multiplication and division - the 6, 7 and 9 times tables along with multiplying by 10 and 100. 


Topic will be Blitz and involve some fun artwork. 


We hope to have a good week!  


Welcome back! 

We are all so excited to be heading back to school this September. For almost all of you, you haven't been in school since we had to 'lockdown' at the end of March. Lockdown was a strange/challenging/fun time. I hope you have enjoyed a nice relaxing summer holidays and are ready to be back in school. 


Things within school have had to change slightly to make sure we are following the government guidance but I'm sure you will easily adapt to these small changes (lunches in classrooms, no assemblies, frequent hand washing to name a few of them) and fully immerse yourself into school life again. The first few weeks will be tiring for us all while we adjust to the new way of things. Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions or concerns about your child and school. 


To start the term we will be assessing the children's knowledge and understanding to enable us to fill any gaps that may have appeared since March. Your child has nothing to worry about, we will help and support them with their individual needs. 

Each day your child will need to bring in their book bag, water bottle, a waterproof coat and packed lunch (if they do not have hot dinners). They are not to bring in a rucksac (we are limiting the amount of items the children bring in from home).


On a TUESDAY and FRIDAY they must come to school wearing their PE kit. In colder weather they can wear navy blue or black tracksuit bottoms with their school PE t shirt and school jumper.


From the 2nd week of term, every TUESDAY, the Yr 4's will need to come to school dressed in their Forest School clothes as they will be doing their sessions on a TUESDAY afternoon. You will receive a letter about this. 


The children will be required to have their own pencil case and wellies in school all week.