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Dear Visitor

Dear Visitor, during your time at Fittleworth CE Village School:


  • You will be welcomed by friendly, polite, well-informed and helpful office staff.


  • You will notice that the school is cared for and that a great deal of thought and hard work goes into maintaining it so that as well as being a pleasant place to be, it retains its core value for teaching and learning and curricular enrichment.


  • You will meet well behaved, polite and motivated children who will talk to you enthusiastically about their learning.


  • You will experience a calm, businesslike environment in which the value of questioning and conversation are understood.


  • You will sense a happy, relaxed environment in which all members of the school community feel safe and valued and where risk taking is encouraged.


  • You won’t immediately differentiate between teachers and teaching assistants because they are equally valued and intrinsic to our core purpose.


  • You won’t notice that children working meaningfully together come from widely different backgrounds and experiences.


  • The children will enjoy telling you about our chickens, educational visits, visitors, our swimming pool and many other exciting enrichment experiences.


  • You will see a hardworking teaching team that strives tirelessly in their efforts to fulfil the ambitions they have for their pupils.


  • You will experience an easy, convivial atmosphere in which adults model professionalism, friendship, humour, trust and mutual support.


  • You will see teaching that has real purpose and is sufficiently flexible and adaptable so as to provide impact and challenge for all learners.


  • You will sense a high level of emotional intelligence within an organisation where people genuinely care.