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New assemblies and songs added! 


Welcome to our assembly page, we hope you are all well. We thought that we could spread some JOY to all of you by sharing assemblies between home and school, some assembly songs, sharing some bible stories and giving you some prayer space ideas.

Mondays will be an assembly from Mrs McKee/Mrs Allum

Tuesday will be prayer space activity

Wednesday will be an assembly led by Father David

Thursday will be  a singing assembly where we suggest some songs to sing and try and learn new songs together while we're apart. 

Friday will be a celebration assembly from Mrs Burnett


WELCOME BACK to the start of Summer Term EVERYONE! We hope you all had a wonder Easter Holiday. 



Monday 28/6


Let your light shine, so that others will see the good that you do and will praise your Father in heaven.”


Matthew 5:1

"This Little Light Of Mine"

Tuesday - in class

Faith At Home for Primary Schools Collective Worship: Series 3 Episode 9 - Climate Emergency

Wednesday Father David

Thursday - Friendship in Good and Bad times 


Monday 21st June 

Faith At Home - Collective Worship for Primary Schools - Episode 9: Vulnerability

Tuesday 22nd

KS2 Assembly about encouragement  encouragment

KS1 - Introducing "Let your light shine"

"This Little Light Of Mine"

Wednesday 23rd June


Father David's assembly




Monday 14/6/


Faith At Home for Primary Schools Collective Worship: Series 3 Episode 6 - Bullying

KS2 SONG - I'll be there Jess Glynn


Tuesday - 

Song - Aint no mountain high enough


KS2 - /docs/FRIENDSHIP.ppt


KS1 - The final part of our vision 

"We value the contribution every person makes, as unique individuals, wonderfully made in the image of God."


Wednesday - Father David is here!


Thursday - KS1 friendship power point (look at Tuesday)

KS2 discuss the vision

Friday - Mrs Burnett's celebration assembly


Monday 7/6 - Friends

Bruno Mars - Count on Me (Official Lyric Video)

Tuesday 8/6 


KS1 look at our vision. Click here for Our School Vision  Where can we see friendship? Discuss



KS1 - The Vision  look at our vision. can you find friendship within our vision.

When I needed a Neighbour (with Lyrics)

Glee - Lean On Me (Lyrics) HD

Wednesday - Father David will be in school 

Thursday - KS1 Hall

KS2 - Looking for friendship within our vision.

Friday - Mrs Burnett's Celebration assembly

Jesus Is My Superhero - Hillsong Kids (Lyrics Video)

Wednesday - Our Vision, part 4

We aspire to be better than we were yesterday and for every child to feel that they have achieved. DIscuss!

Thursday - Father David's final on line assembly.

Friday - Celebration Assembly

True Colours (Glee Cast Version) Lyrics

W/B 17/5/21

Monday - Splash assembly

Tuesday - KS2 Showing compassion to others.

Wednesday - Discuss the next part of the vision 

"Our Christian values inspire us to serve one another and the wider community and value the world around us."  

Thursday - Father David's assembly

Friday - Celebration Assembly


W/B 10/5/21

Monday - Twinkl assembly on Compassion. 


KS2 - KS2 Christian Aid Assembly Education

KS1 - Remind the children of Father David's assembly about Christian Aid, gather their ideas about how we could raise money as school for Christian Aid. 


KS2 - How can we raise money for Christian Aid? Write down ideas. 

KS1 - Christian Aid assembly.

Thursday - Father David's assembly

Friday - Celebration Assembly

 W/B 3/5/21

Wednesday - Discuss the next part of our vision...


We are journeying together, in partnership, to support and empower each other to live our lives fully as happy, confident, knowledgeable and compassionate people.

Bruno Mars - Count on Me (Official Lyric Video)

Thursday - Father David's assembly

Friday - Mrs Burnett's assembly

W/B 26th April

Faith At Home - Collective Worship for Primary Schools - Week 10: Compassion

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong United lyrics


KS1 - introducing our vision (see email)

KS2 - In the hall - Acts of love and kindness

Rend Co. Kids - My Lighthouse (Hand Motions) (Official Music Video)


Introducing our vision. 

Thursday - Father David's assembly 

Friday - Mrs Burnett's Celebration assembly 

W/B 19th April


Find out more about the wonderful life of Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.

Stuart Townend - The Lord's my Shepherd - Robert

WEDNESDAY - Father Davids assembly coming soon 

Thursday - Tomorrow is St. George's Day, the patron Saint of England. Learn more about him here. 

St George and the Dragon!

Swing low sweet chariot lyrics - more modern version (ella eyre)

Friday 23rd April


Mrs Burnett's Celebration Assembly

W/B 29th March

Faith At Home for Primary Schools Collective Worship: Series 3 Episode 4 - Easter

Tuesday 30th March 

Please practise the Easter songs below for an outside assembly on Wednesday. 

Wednesday 31st March

Father David's Assembly... Coming Soon

This afternoon we will meet on the front playground after lunch to have an Easter assembly together. 

Wishing you all a very HAPPY EASTER 

W/B 22nd March 

Faith At Home for Primary Schools Collective Worship: Series 3 Episode 3 - Refugees

Tuesday 23rd March

Prayer space activity


 Wednesday 24th March

Easter Jubilation [with lyrics for congregations]

This is Amazing Grace with Lyrics (Phil Wickham)

We have a King who rides a donkey (by The Jamborees) - Kids Sing Along Worship Video

Thursday 25th March 


Father David's assembly coming soon

Friday 26th March

Mrs Burnett's Celebration Assembly


W/B Monday 15th March

Faith At Home for Primary Schools Collective Worship: Series 3 Episode 1 - Racial Injustice

Tuesday 16th

Prayer space activity "Be the light"


Wednesday 17th

Singing assembly

"This Little Light Of Mine"

Bruno Mars - Count on me lyrics

Sorry if theres mistakes and bad timing :)

Rend Co. Kids - King of Me (Official Music Video)


Still image for this video

Friday 19th

Celebration assembly.


Monday 8th March 


We are so happy to have you all back at school. We hope you enjoy your assemblies together. 



Faith At Home - Collective Worship for Primary Schools - Week 11: Flourishing


Prayer Space activity is in the video above. 



TobyMac - Speak Life (Lyrics)

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace with Lyrics

Thursday 11th

Father David's Assembly about Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday Assembly

Still image for this video

Friday 12th

Check class dojo for Mrs Burnett's celebration assembly.


Monday 1st March 

Just one week left until we are all back together again and we can not wait to see all your smiling faces. Hope you enjoy this week's assemblies together at home.


Today's assembly is a Faith at home video about resilience. 

Faith At Home - Primary Schools - Episode 6: Resilience

Tuesday 2nd

Today's Prayer Space assembly



Wednesday 3rd 

Singing Assembly - have fun singing or just listening to these songs at home together

"Get Back Up Again" Lyric Video | TROLLS

Zootopia - Try Everything (Lyrics, Shakira)

Build Your Kingdom Here with lyrics HD

Thursday - Father David's assembly coming soon


Still image for this video


Check Class dojo for Mrs Burnett's Celebration assembly



Welcome back everyone. We hope you managed to have a relaxing half term. We have some lovely assemblies and songs lined up for you this half term. 


Today's assembly is a Faith at home video about Lent.

Faith At Home for Primary Schools Collective Worship: Series 3 Episode 2 - Lent


Today's assembly is a prayer space activity about Gratitude




Today is our singing assembly. Enjoy these songs together.

"Joy" from Rend Collective (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Phil Wickham - This Is Amazing Grace (Official Music Video)

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace with Lyrics

Lent Assembly

Still image for this video





W/B Monday 8/2/21

Hello Everyone, its the final week before half term. You have all been working so hard at home, thank you for putting a little time aside for collective worship. Please let your teachers know if you have watched it and if its helped you with your week or if there any changes you think we could make. 


Today we are very lucky to have an assembly from 'Splash!'. Splash! pop into school half termly and deliver a really fun assembly to us. We haven't seen them in person for a while but that hasn't stopped them! I hope you enjoy this assembly called 'words' and is all about recognising how powerful words can be. 




Tuesday 9/2/21

prayer space assembly 



Wednesday 10/2/21

Father David's assembly about Generosity


Still image for this video

Thursday 11/2/21

Singing assembly!

Brave - Sara Bareilles (Lyrics)

Lego - TobyMac - Me Without You

Friday 12/2/21


to recognise how powerful words can be.


W/B Monday 1/2/21

Hello everyone, we hope you are enjoying our assemblies and finding them useful.

Today's assembly is about hope

"How can we have hope for tomorrow?"

Faith At Home for Primary Schools Collective Worship: Series 2 Episode 6 - Hope


Today's prayer space activity is called "Fizzy Forgiveness"


Wednesday Assembly

Still image for this video


The UK Blessing - Churches sing 'The Blessing' over the UK

Alive (Lyric Video) - Hillsong Young & Free

"This Little Light Of Mine"


Go to Classdojo to see Mrs Burnett's Friday assembly.


W/B Monday 25th January

Good morning Everyone! Watch this video and then think about the questions below.



How did the film make you feel?

They were all birds but what was different about one of the birds?

How did the flock of birds behave towards the new bird?

Who lost out in the end?

Next watch the story of Zacchaeus (Luke 19 1-10)

While you are watching this think of any similarities between this story and story of the birds.

God's Story: Zacchaeus

We are not told how the conversation between Jesus and Zacchaeus went that afternoon, but we know that, before the day was over, Zacchaeus was a changed man. In the coming days, he would shock the townspeople further by giving half of his possessions to the poor, and by paying back four times over those whom he had cheated.

Zacchaeus had made many mistakes, but so had the rest of the townspeople. Jesus had come to seek and save all those who were lost and needed rescuing.



How did the story make you feel? 

The characters were all people but how was Zaccheus different?

How did the people react towards Zaccheus?

Who lost out in the end?

Why do you think Jesus chose to go Zacchaeus’ house? What was the outcome of this decision?

How do you think you would have felt about Zaccheus?

Are there any lessons that you can learn today about your behaviour towards other people?



Dear God, 

You are all-seeing and all-knowing.

You see our actions and you know the attitude of our hearts.

Please help us to treat others the way that we ourselves would like to be treated.

May we always remember that each person is special in your eyes.






Tuesday 26th January

Today's Prayer space activity is called 'Be Still'



Thursday 28th January

Our God is a Great Big God

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) - Matt Redman (Best Worship Song Ever) (with Lyrics)

My Lighthouse Actions Video 2018- Grace Vineyard Kids

Friday 28th January

Check Class dojo for Mrs Burnett's Celebration assembly. 


W/B Wednesday 20th January 2021


Still image for this video


We love singing at Fittleworth and there are so many positives benefits to singing.  Singing releases endorphins, the brain chemical that makes you feel uplifted and happy! It lowers stress levels, improves mental alertness and apparently (according to the University of Frankfurt) can strengthen your immune system. Who needs any more reasons to sing!!!!



Our God is a Great Big God

King of Me by Rend Co. Kids

All through History 

This Little Light of Mine

Try Everything by Shakira

True Colours from Glee

Get Back up Again from Trolls

Speak Life by Toby Mac

My Lighthouse by Rend Collective

This is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham

Oceans by Hillsong

Me without you by Toby Mac


Assemblies - Click on the titles to watch.


The story of Jonah and the Whale


This  5 minute Assembly by The Archbishop of Canterbury, released this week, discusses hope during this pandemic. It's a wonderful assembly, more suited to KS2 and adults. 


Assembly for Coronavirus Pandemic


This is the Story of Noah and is suitable for all members of the family. The symbol of a rainbow has been used to show Hope during this pandemic, just as it is in the story of Noah's Ark from the bible.


God's Story - Noah


Parents and Children, find somewhere quiet, peaceful and give yourself 6 minutes to listen to The UK Blessing.Christians from different denominations up and down the country have come together to put this beautiful, powerful blessing together, its sung and at times rapped and has the most beautiful harmonies.


Click here to hear  The UK blessing


Prayer ideas. Here are some lovely ideas for prayer. 


I can pray... a rock hunt

You can click below to listen to and join in with Our school prayer

Our School Prayer

Dear God, 

This is our school

Let it be a place filled with love and learning 

Thank you for our teachers 

Thank you for all who love us and keep us safe 

We pray for children everywhere that they may feel safe and loved

Today and Forever