Fittleworth C. E. Village School

Fittleworth C. E. Village School


Maple Class Page

The school is closed. I will put links and learning on the main Maple Class page to be completed not this one. 

Over Easter, we will not be setting work/ activities daily to be completed. Enjoy the break!

When we 'come back' on Monday 20th April, I will start the daily work again. If you are still to complete the packs, they can be an ongoing progress, dip in and out as you wish and mix it up with the activities  put online. We will not be creating any new packs as we feel this is an un-necessary risk to come and collect it, if you have any problems accessing the online activities please contact the office. 

Suggested day - At home with my two we have naturally fallen into a routine (probably to do with the type of person I am as well, but I know everyone is different!)

My 'school day' starts at 9 with PE for half an hour which leads nicely into phonics/spellings/handwriting and reading. Then a creative subject (art, baking, growing something etc), play (free time) and snack. We then do writing and by this point it's nearly lunch. Lunch and a walk. Maths after lunch and conclude on a fun activity. Remember to try your best and not worry! Do whatever you can. 

We have the email system on purple mash so please feel free to email me any work or questions your children may have or just to say 'hello'. I will check purple at least once a day however this may be in the evening as I will have my own children at home with me and be experiencing home schooling my children at home as well. At the moment, my eldest is excited about me being her teacher, it's a strange feeling. I plan to make her learning fun and be creative, whilst doing some reading, some writing, phonics and maths daily. I urge you all to do similar but try to enjoy this time with your children, I know it's a scary time but we should try to make it a fun, memorable time for the children. Please don't stress about any activities they have trouble with, if anything is too hard leave it, stick with the basics if needed. We are all going to do our best. Most importantly, stay safe and enjoy the extra time together watching your children grow and adapt. 

Writing - any writing is good!! Plan, create and write a story. This could be done at home even if we don't have to shut! You could keep a diary about what you do everyday. You could create a leaflet about your favourite animals or a poem. You could write out a recipe for something that you have made.

Handwriting - handwriting should be practised to work on letter formation, watch m, n, r, h, u

Please read as much as possible, go through the shelves in your house. There are some free e books on some websites. owl oxford reading  Maybe write a book review.

There's a 30 day lego challenge you could try

Purple mash is a secure learning page covering lots of areas of learning. purple mash Also there is a blog to communicate to each other through. 

 Lots of resources have said if schools close there resources will be free  maths and spelling shed    ks1 primary stars nessy

On you tube there's a young girl who gives good explanations about a variety of maths concepts - type maths 4 kids and the area of maths e.g. maths 4 kids fractions

maths problem of the day really good as a quick activity

hit the button

topmarks website is good for literacy and  maths

white rose home learning - maths

phonics play 

phonics bloom

If you are on facebook there's a group called FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS which have good ideas on.