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Maple Class

The Teachers in Maple Class


                 Mrs Blackwood           and                     Mrs Allum


The Teaching Assistant in Maple class is:-


                               Mrs Watts


Class Expectations


Parent Guide to the National Curriculum


Summer 2019

Welcome back after your Easter holiday. I hope you all had a enjoy a good time with family and didn't eat too many Easter eggs!

Our topic this term is 'Sandcastles'. This will involve the year 2' s beginning the first half term by looking at knights and castles. They will be training to become a knight and hopefully at the end of the unit will have a banquet with dancing. The second half term for the 2's will be about the seaside. they will be looking at the seaside then and now and looking at the geographical features of seasides. The year 3's will be looking at the Ancient Egyptians and Egypt as a country, looking at its geography as well as its history. 

if anyone has interest or expertise in these areas please let us know! 

Topic web year 2

Topic web year 3 

The last few weeks of the Summer term

As we near to the end of term, we will be practising for sports day, enjoying our swimming lessons and currently enjoying the sunshine safely. 

In maths, we will be covering telling time, measures - length, capacity and mass. As well practising our times tables. 

in literacy, we will be looking at poetry and play scripts.

8th July Maple class will be going to the beach as an end of term treat, enjoying some time on a trip as a class, before the 2's and 3's split next year. 

10th July Sports day - come to school in PE kit with a water bottle, sun hat and sun cream applied. 

w/b 17th June

This week we will continue to enjoy our swimming! 

In literacy, we will be continuing our story writing for the first half of the week then research rock pool creatures with the aim to produce an information text.

In maths, we will be consolidating our work on multiplication and division. We will be making sure we can solve straight forward calculations then progressing to reasoning and problem solving activities. Practise your times tables at home!

w/b 10th June

This week the year 2's will start their seaside topic looking at shells. If anyone has any shells at home please bring them in. They will be looking at seasides in Britain. 

the year 3's will be completing their work on the Nile. They will looking at Africa and the countries their. They will be learning some French words to do with the Ancient Egyptians. 

In literacy they will writing their story focusing on adjectives, conjunctions and the year 3's on paragraphs, inverted commas and fronted adverbials. 

In maths we will be looking at money, so at home practise counting coins, maybe play shops? 

year 3 maths 

year 2 maths

w/b 3rd June - Swimming will start this week. Please remember your swimming hat and shoes to walk around the pool please. 

This week the year 2's will conclude their work on knights and castles where they will be participating in knight challenges. They will be practising their shining and polishing skills, completing an agility test, grooming a horse if they'd like. 

The year 3's will be continuing their work on the Ancient Egyptians and moving on to look at Egypt as a country. They have practised their typing skills typing facts about the River Nile on Cliker 7. They will be looking at the daily life of the Ancient Egyptians. 

In literacy we have started work on our story, maybe at home you could talk this through with your children. It involves a sand fairy and wishes!

In maths we have been adding and subtracting! Year 3's have been practising their column addition and subtraction. You might practise this formal method at home. Year 2's have been using a numberline and diennes and ones.

Wednesday the year 2's will take part in the Little Big Sing. 

/b 27th May

HALF TERM - Hope everyone had a relaxing week and did some fun activities too!

w/b 13th May/ w/b 20th May

Over the next two weeks the year 2 will be completing their SAT's and year 3's will be completing assessments at the same time. 

w/b 6th May

I hope everyone had an enjoyable bank holiday and enjoyed your inset day. This short week we will be busy!

Year 3 have their sharing and showing Wednesday to share what they enjoyed from their Goodwood trip.

Wednesday we will be having our class photos.

In maths we will be revising fractions. Counting in fractions, fractions of shapes and of numbers. maybe you could show your parents how to solve fractions of amounts using a bar model.

you tube clip


Year 2's will be looking at jobs people did in a castle. Year 3's mummified one of their class mates last week and wrote about the process of mummification.  They will be looking at artefacts of Ancient Egypt and what these show us. 

w/b 29th April

This week the year 3 will write about their trip to Goodwood and write thank you letters. They will be looking at the process of mummification, including doing this through role play. they will continue their science work looking at how plants grow well. 

The year 2 will be writing some descriptions of dragons developing their use of detail. They will be looking at the parts of a castle and jobs inside a castle. Any writing the children do at home, please bring it in and share it with us.

In Maths, the children will be revising addition and subtraction and methods previously learnt. 

hit the button

daily ten

mental maths train

number fact families

adding year 3

year 3 maths games

year 2 maths games

w/b 22nd April


We are all together in class on Tuesday to introduce them to and begin work on their topics. Then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the year 3 are off to Goodwood to enjoy their residential trip.

The year 2's will begin their topic by looking at St George and the dragon - a famous knight! They will be designing their coat of arms, looking at what a castle is particularly the motte and bailey style castle. 

In Maths they will be revising telling the time, time problems and time intervals. Please look at clocks at home  -analogue AND digital and practise telling the time to the o' clock, half past, quarter past and to, then to 5 minute intervals for year 2. Year 3, to the nearest minute if at this stage with 24 hour clock and digital.

year 2 time

time (sorry evaluation game only)

Spring 2019

Welcome back after the Christmas break. I hope everyone had a lovely time and feels ready for an exciting Spring term.

Our topic is 'Up, up and away!'. This will see us fly high and explore what our world looks like from the sky. It will see the year 2's explore different modes of transport in the first half and then fly over to view and explore rain forests in the second half. The year 3's will fly off to Italy to find out about the Romans and what they gave to Britain.  They will also find out about Modern Italy and compare this to Britain. 

If anyone has any interest or expertise in these areas please let us know! Also any help in Maple is always welcomed!

Topic web year 2

Topic web year 3

w/b 1st April

This week the Ester service is on Monday and the Easter egg hunt is in the afternoon.

Year 2 will be going the Kew Gardens on Tuesday.

Year 2 sharing and showing is Wednesday.

Year 3 will be creating a leaflet on the computer based on their learning this term on the Romans.

Friday is the last day before the Easter holidays! I would like to wish you all a lovely Easter. 

w/b 18th March

This week the children will be writing rhyming couplets. They have written some and some are really good! 

Year 2 will be writing fact files on rainforest animals and writing in the style of David Attenborough in the rainforest. 

Year 3 will be looking at famous buildings, drawing and painting them, as well as researching facts about them. They will be exploding their volcanoes! 


Year 3 trip to Bignor on Thursday. 









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In maths, they will be collecting and interpreting data. 

w/b 11th March

This week the children will be writing riddles in literacy about animals, using progressive clues so not to give it away to start with.

Year 2 will be looking at the layers of the rainforest and which animals live where. They will be doing artwork based on animal skins.

Year 3 will look at the climate of Europe, the famous buildings in Italy and begin to make a volcano.

In maths, they will revise their work on division and how this relates to fractions. They will work out fractions of shapes and amounts. 

w/ b 4th March

This week the year 3's performed their sharing and showing assembly showing what they have learnt about the Romans.










The year 2's met the TV people and wrote about what it is like in the rainforest. They all want to help them with their TV show research.

In maths they worked on division and was trying to see how it relates to multiplication. Why not practise dividing amounts, shapes and numbers at home?

w/b 25th February

This week back after half term will see the year 2's fly off and go 'up up and away' to the rainforest! They will be met by a tv director and presenter to help them on their project. The year 3's will continue their history work on the Romans but over the half term will do more work on Italy and the geography of Europe. The year 3's will be looking at volcanoes and the story of Pompeii. 

This week is mindfulness week including tea and cake on Monday, mindful movement on Tuesday, circus skills on Wednesday, active day Thursday.

Thursday all year 1 and 2 will be going on their trip to Amberley Working Museum to conclude their work last half term on transport.

w/b 18th February

I hope you are all having a nice half term, enjoying the spring like weather we are having and exploring the world. Please make sure you are reading and practising your times tables and spellings. We will be writing about your half term when you get back so maybe talk with someone at home about what you can write about. 

w/b 11th February

This is the last week before half term, where the year 2's will be concluding their work on vehicles (apart from the trip to Amberley Museum on the Thursday we are back). They will be looking at boats, which will tie in nicely to looking at how we can stop polluting our oceans. The year 3's will be finishing making their helmets, mosaics and writing up their research on the Roman army, following the visit they had with Empereor Claudius last week! 

In Maths, they will be looking at 3 D shapes. Year 2 will be focusing on their properties. The year 3 will be making 3D shapes and looking at their nets. They will all be sorting and comparing 3D shapes. The year 2 will also be looking at shape patterns on Friday. Last week the year 3's learnt about right angles, can they find any around the home? 

In Literacy, the children will have a go at independent writing, where they will be asked to plan and write a genre of their choice but based on the topic this term. So at home, maybe you could talk about what this might be. Not to worry, lots of ideas will be given in class!

We will be doing some assessments this week to see how well we are all doing. The children, as always, are expected to try their best and have a go. 

w/b 4th February

This week year 2 will be looking at trains and George Stephenson as a significant person in history. They will look at the history of trains and fiction books about trains.

In Literacy, they will edit their stories once they are completed. They will be looking at different sentence types and punctuation, including the apostrophe s and contractions with the aim to use these in their everyday writing correctly. Also year 3 more suffixes and prefixes .

In Maths, the children will begin a two week block on shape. The week they will work on 2D shape, right angle (yr 3), types of lines (yr 3) and patterns. 


w/b 28th January

This week the children in year 2 have been finding out about cars including  the history of cars and the parts of a car. The year 3 children have been learning about the Roman Gods, also in science about comparing rocks.

In Literacy the children created their very own wishing chair and set off on their own adventures. The year three's have been trying to use inverted commas, using a range of punctuation and trying to use paragraphs. The year 2's have improved their puncutation, use of conjunctions and expanded noun phrases.

In Maths, they have been working on missing number problems and balancing equations. They have been using bar modelling to help solve these problems.

w/b 21st January

The children are really enjoying their topic lessons. The year 2's really enjoyed riding their bikes or scooters at school and writing about them. 

Topic year 2 - On Tuesday the children will be 'going in a plane and flying around the world'. There will be a mock airport in the hall and the children will enjoy a plane experience with the other year 1/2. If your children would like to bring a small rucksack with a book in or a small teddy they may (no electronic devices please). The children will be able to talk to a real pilot. This week they will be looking at planes, their history and famous people to do with planes.

Topic year 3 - The children will also get to enjoy the mock flight experience but will take a shorter flight to Italy to look at Italy as a country and compare it to England. they will be researching Roman education and Roman numerals. They will continue to work on their mosaic clocks. 

Literacy - The children will continue their work on the enormous crocodile, looking at  a section of the book and picking out god words, adjectives, types of punctuation etc. They will be looking at speech marks and how to use them correctly. they will also start to read 'the wishing chair' and start to imagine if they had a chair which was magic were what would it look like, who the character is going on the adventure and where might it take them.

Maths - The children will be practising their addition skills by solving word problems and solving reasoning problems. They will then look at subtraction as the inverse to addition, looking at how addition can be used to check subtraction questions. They will be looking at money problems. 

Addition game  Year 3

Take away


making numbers to 20 snowman

w/b 14th January

This week we are really going to get into out topics! 

Year 2's will look at bikes, the history of bikes, you can bring in your bike/ scooter if you don't have a bike on Tuesday and we will ride them and draw them. 

Year 3's we will look at the story of Romulus and Remus and also look the the Romans and celts and the similarities and differences. 

Maths - We will be working on our number bonds and addition. Year 3 will begin to learn column addition. 

number bonds

addition ks1

addition ks2

Literacy - This week we are reading 'Enormous Crocodile' and basing our writing on this text. We will work on our punctuation and expanded noun phrases. 

w/b 7th January

This week we will begin our topic by flying up, up and away using the film 'Up' to get us started! We will have a look at the world from satellite imagery. 

Literacy - We will be looking at our common exception words and continuing to use these as well as our other spelling patterns in our writing. We will be thinking about where we would travel if we went Up, up and away - this will include discussing with our friends and writing a paragraph including adjectives and conjunctions. 

Maths - This first week back will be about place value. We will be adding in 2, 3 and 5 and 4, 8, 50's. We will be making sure we understand the value of each number and partitioning it in different ways, using equipment to help if needed. 

place value games

Topic- Year 3 - We will start to look at the Roman invasion of Britain - looking at the Roman Empire, timelines and roads. The year 2's will look at early transport and begin to research vehicles as part of their technology project to make a vehicle. Any cereal boxes welcome. 





Autumn 2018

We will begin our term by finding out all about ourselves and each other. We will then move swiftly on by travelling through time to learn about our topic! The year 2's will travel to London 1666 where we will be learning all about the fire of London. The year 3's will travel further back in time to find out all about the 'stone age through to the iron age'. 

Topic Web Year 2

Topic Web Year 3


speed times tables  This is good to help you to get quicker at your tables.



The last week and a half will include Christmas writing and Christmas Maths activities. We will get to enjoy Christmas crafts as well!

The carol service and beech class nativity is Tuesday 11th.

Christmas lunch is Thursday 13th.

Friday 14th is wear your own clothes and a Christmas jumper!

Bring your party clothes on Tuesday 18th December for a party and fun and games!

Wednesday is our last day and cards and presents will be given out then.

I hope you all enjoy a fun Christmas holiday! Please try to keep reading even though you probably will be busy.

w/b 3rd December

Our dress rehearsal was on Monday and went well. Practise the songs still!

Wednesday is the evening performance and Thursday afternoon is the matinee. How exciting! I'm so proud of you all as you've all worked incredibly hard!

w/b 26th November

This is the last week of practising for our play. Exciting! You are all working so hard!

PLEASE practise telling the time much as possible and your times tables!!!

Maths: We will be measuring and comparing length. 

Measuring game


Literacy: We will continue to look at instructions. Why not look in a recipe book or online and look at a set of instructions and maybe make something yummy. Or maybe look up other instructions and see how they are laid out and look at the verbs used.

w/b 19th November

This week we will be busy rehearsing for our play. Please make sure you have practised your lines. We only have two weeks left! 

Maths: We will be learning to tell the time this week and looking at time, time intervals and problems involving time. Why not keep looking at the clocks around your house and try to tell the time or tell your parents when it is a given time. Can you say the days of the week? Do you know how many seconds in an hour? minutes in an hour? hours in a day? Year 2's need to learn o'clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past then to the 5 minute intervals. ear 3's tell time to the nearest minute and 24 hour clock, including clocks with  roman numerals.

telling the time

Literacy: We will be focusing on our writing, in particular using adjecives (expanded noun phrases), conjunctions, adverbials to make our writing better. We will be learning the different sentence types and making sure we really understand them. We need to work on our knowing our alphabet- so please practise at home!

w/b 12th November

Monday is an INSET

Please learn your lines for the play!

Maths- We will continue to work on fractions. Any practical work using fractions at home would help their learning.

Literacy- We will complete our super fireworks poems. We will read them aloud to the rest of the class, so they can enjoy them too. 

w/b 5th November

Monday is Buddy's Big workout where we will be doing exercise throughout the whole day as a school. Remember to get sponsored and after Monday to collect the money and post the envelope when you are ready in the box in our class. Let's raise money for NSPCC.

Our sharing and showing is Wednesday and the children are really looking forward to sharing with you all their learning this term so far!

This week we will start to really learn our songs to our play, please read them through with your children at home. Your children have their lines to learn please help them learn these at home. 

Maths - We will begin our 2 week block on fractions. At home, cut fruit or other food, paper into particular fractions e.g 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 3/4. Try grouping objects e.g. coins, sweets into fractions.


w/b 29th October

The second half term of the Autumn Term commences and so does our start on our Christmas play! Exciting! The play will be revealed to you soon. 

This week we will have an assembly from the NSPCC and we will be doing some work about keeping everyone safe.

Maths: We will continue to work on multiplication and link this with work on division later on in the week. We will be using visual models to help us understand these concepts and seeing how they are the inverse of each other. 

hit the button

beatbox tables

division divers

Literacy : We will begin a couple of weeks work on poetry. This week we will be thinking about fireworks and bonfires in order to create some poetry. Why not write down fabulous describing words about your experiences of them or write a recount of you half term including a visit to a bonfire if you went to one. 

poerty adventure

w/b 22nd October Half term

Enjoy a happy and safe half term break. Remember Fittleworth Bonfire is Saturday 27th, please take care and enjoy them safely with your families. 

Please read and practise your times table.

w/b 15th October

Monday the year 3's are off to Butser. Make sure please you have warm, waterproof clothes on as we will be outside most of the day. Remember your packed lunch which might be of stone age content. 

Monday year 2's will have the morning working with the rainbow theatre and the afternoon working with the other year 1 and 2 on Fire of London activities. Remember to come dressed up in that period dress if you would like.

Bonfire building on Thursday. 

INSET day is on Friday.

Maths: This week is a short week but will still be working hard. We will be focusing on learning our times tables. Year 2 will be working on 10, 2, and 5. Year 3 will make sure they know these and move on to learn 3, 4, 8 and extend this to multiplying a 2 digit number by a single digit if they are ready. We will be looking at multiplication in terms of repeated addition and arrays. We will look at how with multiplication the order doesn't matter like in addition. Our times tables should be able to be worked out in order order. this unit has been planned before half term, so over half term their times tables can be practised. 

odd and even

Times tables - hit the button

Daily ten

Year 3 extension

Literacy: We will write about our adventures on Monday on Tuesday. We will work on improving our writing the rest of the week remembering full stops and capital letters, conjunctions, adjectives and other types of punctuation. 

Remember to keep reading at home, it is so important. 

Topic: The year 2's will be doing lots of learning about the Great fire and hopefully complete our tudor houses. The year 3's will continue our research on prehistoric animals and learn about cave paintings, trying to create some of our own.

w/b 8th October

Thank you all for attending parents evening. It was good to talk to you all and I look forward to working with you to help your children progress.

In your child's book bag there is a booklet showing lots of different examples of how you could practise their spellings in fun ways.

Well done for your enthusiasm reading at home.

Harvest is Thursday afternoon at 2pm please feel welcome to join us at the church. there will therefore be no forest school for the year 3 this week.

Literacy - We completed our stories and they are amazing! The children are so proud of them. This week we will be looking at diaries and that they are written in past tense. We will be focusing on conjunctions (and, because, also, then, while, so etc)

Maths- We will be focusing on money this week. The year 2's will be looking at coins, making amounts and finding different ways of making the same amount. Why not give your child a handful of money to count? Challenge them to make a specific amount for you and then in a different way?  They will be adding amounts and finding change. The year 3's will be consolidating this knowledge and solving problems with larger amounts  They will be encouraged to check their answers using the inverse.

Year 2 money games

Year 3 money games

Topic - Year 2 will conintue to make their Tudor houses. The year 3's will evalute their stone age tools they made last week. They will be looking at stonehenge this week.

Next Monday is year 3's trip to Butser and year 1/2 will have their visit from the rainbow theatre about the Great fire of London.

w/b 1st October

Parents evening is this Wednesday, I look forward to meeting you all to discuss your children.

Your children are working hard and we continue to work at being independent learners.

Keep practising spelling patterns sent home and common exception words in different ways including in an actual sentence.

Maths: We will begin be working on addition and subtraction and looking at how they relate to each other. How 20 - 9 = 11 can be checked by 11 + 9 = 20 We will be working mentally, counting on and back from the largest number and using equipment to help us and then drawing diagrams to help us when necessary to solve calculations and word problems. Why not pose your child a problem and see if they can solve it like - If you have 25 lego cards and I give you another 9 how many will you have? (numbers will need to vary).

rocket game

subtraction grid

make to take away calculation

Literacy: Our stories have been written and our now ready for proof reading and a final edit before copying them up and illustrating them so they can be shared with the other members of our class. 

nouns verbs and adjectives year 3

Topic : Year 2's will continue to find out about the order of events that happened during the fire of London. We will hopefully begin to make our Tudor houses if we have collected enough boxes.

Year 3: Hopefully we can make our stone age weaapons, but remember if you wanted to use a stone or stick to bring it in this week.We will find out more about the stone age.

wb/b 24th September

There is the PTA AGM all welcome.

Remember to sign up for parents evening which is next week.

PLEASE try to hear your child read at least 5 times a week as this is so beneficial to their learning. Even if they can read, listen to them and really question them on what they have read.

Literacy: We have planned our stories and now will start to write them! Keep encouraging your child to share their story with you and try to develop it together as this will help them when they start to write it. Discuss the monsters appearance (adjectives) and how it moves (adverbs). 

Maths: We will be looking at number bonds to 20 and 100 and related number facts to 20 and 100. We will be adding this week, using resources to secure our understanding and using jottings like a number line to work it out on paper, using our number facts to help e.g 36+ 8 =     36 + 4 (gets you to 40) then add another 4. At home, give them 2/ 3 one digit numbers and get them to add them quickly mentally. Or a 2 digit / three digit add ones or 2 digit number, focusing on solving them mentally.

hit the button

maths mental challenge

fact families

power lines

sum sense

number pyramid

Topic: Year 2 will be finding about the story of the great fire and designing their house to make.

Year 3's will be finding out about stone age food and clothes. They will designing their very own stone age tool. 

w/b 17th September

This week we will be keeping up the good work and working really hard last week. On Monday we will be introduced to a competition for the new village shop which we will have time in class to complete. 

Maths booster sessions will begin this week.

Individual photos will take place on Wednesday.

Literacy: This week we will begin to think about our own mischief monster in terms of work it looks like and what it does! We will plan our own story, maybe you could discuss the story they are planning at home. Encourage them to tell you their plan and maybe develop the ideas together.

We did revise the alphabet last week and a lot of the children needs to practise writing the alphabet in the correct order. Perhaps see if your child can and if maybe practise it. The year 3's will need this to put words in alphabetical order and use it to access a dictionary.


ABC countdown - can you meet the challenge!

alphabetical order

story planner and punctuation game

Maths: We will be comparing and ordering numbers this week. This will involve putting numbers of different sizes in the correct order and comparing which are bigger and smaller. They will be adding 10 more and 10 less (Y2) and 100 more and 100 less (Y3)  than a given number. 

ordering numbers

representing numbers


paint the number square - use to count if finding it tricky

Last week we were counting in 2, 5, 3 and 10 from any number (y2) and 4, 8, 100 and 50 (Y3) but a lot of your children do do with practising these if possible. 

Topic: The year 3 will begin some research on the stone age way of life and stone age tools. The year 2 will continue to look at Tudor houses and will be finding out about London now and then. 

w/b 10th September

Maple had a good first week and have settled into the swing of it really well! Keep it up! The wrote some information about themselves which is currently on their own t-shirt on the washing line in the corridor by maple classroom!

This Monday is Maple class parents meeting, so please come along and see what is expected of your child in Maple class and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

The year 3 on Wednesday had an e-safety talk.

Literacy: We will be continuing our work on adjectives and will be working on inverted commas (speech marks). This work is part of our work on narrative and will be leading onto us writing a story about a monster who likes to get up to mischief! Let's remember when writing to include capital letters and full stops.

Maths: We are continuing to work on place value. We will be partition numbers into tens and ones/ hundreds, tens and ones e.g 46 = 40 + 6    51 = 40 + 11    We will also be counting in 2, 5, 10 and 3's for year 2 and including 8, 50 and 100 for year 3. At home perhaps you could practice counting in these number sequences.

Topic: We will begin our topic work this week. Year 2 will start to ask questions about the Fire of London and look at Samuel Pepys as a significant individual in history. The year 3's will be asking questions about the stone age and looking at a time line to get a sense of Chronology. 

W/b 3rd September

Welcome back!

Your first day back is on Tuesday 4th September as the staff have an INSET day on the Monday. Our first week back will be to help you all get settled back to school, get to know each other and how it works in Maple class. I have fun topics planned for the term with interesting activities for us to complete. 

You all have/ will have purple mash logins so please use this at home - to do's will be set and monitored. Please read regularly at home, you will be set a target to try to meet this week. You could practise your times tables at home or your number bonds. 

Literacy: This week we will be writing about our holiday and describing ourselves using adjectives (describing words). We will make sure we haven't forgotten how to write a good sentence with correct punctuation, good letter formation/ joins and interesting vocabulary! I will be checking over the next couple of weeks your spellings so I can see which ones we need to learn. 

Rocket - nouns, verbs and adjectives year 3

My monster - year 2

Maths: We will begin the term by working on our numbers and place value. How many ways can you partition (break down) a number say 13? 54? 127? Can you write and read numbers to 20? Do you know what the 5 is worth in 56? Can you place 23 on a number line?

eggs to order

Place the penguin - partitioning

place value basketball


Topic: We will be getting to know each other. We will be sketching our faces and thinking about ourselves and our family. 




Here are some general websites for you to go on to help with your learning.

BBC touch typing

purple mash

BBC French

Literacy games

Maths games

number jumbler

Science games

Times table games

Phonic games

Maths zone

Hit the button - maths

Times Table Games 

Phonic games - phase 3

Telling the time

Number square games

Spelling games

SPAG games