Fittleworth C. E. Village School

Fittleworth C. E. Village School


Beech Class Summer 2020

The Teachers in Beech Class are Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally 

The Teaching Assistants in Beech Class are Mrs Organ and Mrs Chadwell.


*Beech Class parents, please note due to capacity issues. All correspondence will now be in this 'Summer 2020' tab, on our 'Home Learning' tab or via Tapestry.*

Friday 5th June

Good Morning! Today is Friday and it's Music with Marco at 10am on Zoom. Check tapestry for user ID and password, it's the same as it was before. We can not wait to see you all. 

We hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally


Thursday 4th June

Good Morning lovely Beech Class, well it was a lot colder yesterday and we finally had

some rain! i bet all the flowers and plants were happy! 

REMEMBER - Music tomorrow with Marco on Zoom at 10am


We have been talking all about what you might find under the sea, what creatures you might find, any plants you may see. Maybe you could use the computer with an adult and google some of the things you might find, or you may have a non-fiction, information book all about the sea. Once you know some of the things, we were hoping you could draw/make us an underwater sea picture. Could you then write 3 sentences about your picture, or label all the different creatures and plants.


Can you continue ordering numbers and adding one more or finding one less have a try playing these games

one more one less helicopter game

Caterpillar ordering game


I know that you are all very creative. On Tuesday i posted a lovely fact book about a whale. Could you make a whale? maybe you could junk model a whale? Use card? At school we are going to use paper plates to make our whale.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow on Zoom and look forward to seeing all your lovely work on tapestry. 

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally

Wednesday 3rd June

Hello Beech Class! This morning at school Mrs McKee will be reading 'Barry the Fish with Fingers'

Once you have listened to the story, we would like you to draw your own superfish! Barry is a fish with fingers and Puffy blows the most amazing bubbles! What can your superfish do? Can you label it or write any sentences about it. 


Today we'll be talking about ordering numbers and talking 1 more and 1 less. 

Letter Formation

 Here is the video showing you the final few letters of the one armed robots.



Tuesday 2nd June 

Hello Beech Class, 

So yesterday Mrs McNally read the story of 'The Very Funny Fish' and you did some brilliant work on your favourite part of the story. Today we would like you to write about your favourite character from the book, or maybe a new charcter that you think should be in the book. Can you draw and label your character? or could you draw and write a few sentences about your character?

If you have already drawn your favourite charcter, you could listen to 'The Blue Whale' by Jenni Desmond and write down some of your favourite facts about the blue whale. Raife and I really loved these facts. We turned the volume off and I read the book to him so that we could pause the story and really think about those facts. We even tried measuring some facts out (the size of its eye) and the size of a baby whale. In fact it all took us such a long time we are still not at the end of the book but we have had lots of fun with it and will enjoy it over the next few days.


Continuing with number formation today but also helping the children to write their numbers up to 20. Helping the children to understand their 'teen' numbers, which all begin with 1. 

Letter formation

Here are the next set of one armed robot letters

Monday 1st June

Welcome back Beech Class! I hope you all had a lovely half term. As you know some children are returning to school and some are staying at home. Where ever you are we have decided to make sure your learning is exactly the same. So whatever we are doing at at school, will be posted on here so that you can do exactly the same at home. Each day we will post a literacy and a numeracy activity.

We also are having a WHOLE SCHOOL TOPIC! which is very exciting"! and for all the families at home with children in different year groups we hope this will make learning together a little bit easier.


On Monday Mrs McNally will be reading this story...

Did you enjoy 'The Very Funny Fish'? What was your favourite part of the story? Can you tell your adult at home about it. Then we would like you to draw a picture (if you're at home though you could draw, paint, build from lego, play dough or even junk model) of your favourite part and write  little bit about it. You might want to write a sentence, maybe just some words. (Only get your child writing if they are keen to do this otherwise they can tell you and you could write it down for them) 


We have decided that we would do a bit of revisiting this week. Monday and tuesday Mrs McNally will be helping children remember the correct way to form their numbers. You can use the linked rhymes below to help you. There are also many videos on the internet that show the children how to form their numbers. At home you could incorporate this activity into a game using a score sheet! Giving the children reasons to write these numbers down.


I will also continue to post on here my letter formation videos. This week we will look at the 'one armed robot letters'

 Hope you all have a wonderful day. 

Love from Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally

Friday 22nd May

Good Morning Everyone! It is Friday today and the last day of the week AND the last day of this half term. We've made it through a whole half term learning at home! Well done EVERYONE! 

Mrs McNally suggested lots of activities yesterday for The Singing Mermaid and I think there were enough there to keep you busy today too! I have uploaded the video of the story again (below under thursday) as i dint think the end of the story was playing but it seems to work now! I have also added some more handwriting videos as we have really enjoyed seeing all your beautiful handwriting. 

Here are some more handwriting videos, I've posted videos demonstrating the ladder letters today. 


Here is a lovely maths game linked with money. Chidren count out 1p pieces to find the correct amount.

Toy shop maths game

Check purple mash as i will pop some new 2dos on there too.

I hope you all have a wonderful half term and we look forward to either seeing you at school or seeing you at home on zoom for music after half term!

Take care and stay safe everyone 

Lots of love

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally x x


Thursday 21st May 

Yesterday I promised you 'The Singing Mermaid' by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks and here it is!

Mrs McNally has popped on Tapestry lots of lovely suggestions of activities linked to the book. I'll list these  activities here for you too...

•The story starts with a question for the reader to think about. Can you think of a question that could be used as an interesting story starter?
• Talk to a grown up or sibling about the use of animals in circuses / zoos.
• Write your own story about a mermaid.
• Write a letter from the singing mermaid to her friends in the ocean while she was in the circus.
• The story mentions a number of different types of fish. Can you find out the names of any more? How are they similar / different?
• Make an advert to promote Sam Sly's circus.
• Design a new luxury tank for the singing mermaid to live in while she worked in the circus.
• Build a model of the circus tent. What materials will you need to use?
• The pages all have glitter on them. Can you make a piece of artwork that uses glitter to make things shine?
• A mermaid is half human with a fish's tail. Can you create a creature that is a mixture of two or more animals?
• Can you create a large picture of the singing mermaid using collage?

Clink on the link to see the last 3 letters of the curly caterpillar set.

 Curly caterpillar letters s,f and o

Wednesday 20th May

We loved seeing your tapestry videos yesterday. Lots of you all reading, doing your phonics, practising those tricky words. You are all working so hard at home. WELL DONE!

This morning it's our Zoom music session with Marco. Don't Forget! It's at 10 am and the userID and password remains the same as it recurring event. 

I'm so pleased you are all still reading. The more you practise the better you get.

Don't forget you canalso  practise your phonics in lots of different ways. The letters and sounds videos on youtube are really great 20 minute sessions that get the children practising their phonemes as well as blending them into words, reading sentences and reading those tricky words!

I promised another handwriting video, so here is the next set of curly caterpillar letters. 

Curly Caterpillar letters g, q, e

Over the next couple of days could you show your child some coins. You could start by sharing 1p, and 2p and explain that 2p is worth 2x1p. You can talk about the colour of the coins, bronze coins are worth less than silver coins and that the size of the coin doesn't always relate to how much the coin is worth! If you had enough 1p pieces you could play shops and label up some items with numbers up to 20p and then children could find the correct number of 1p coins. 

See you at 10am EVERYONE 

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally

Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Beech Class, 

Have you managed to keep up the amazing reading you were doing before we left school? Have you used the website Oxford Owl yet to find reading books? 


I've been using it for Raife and after you have read each book there is a little activity to complete. I really like the choice of books on here too. For those returning to school we will not be able to send reading books home so I highly recommend registering with Oxford Owl and giving it a go. 

We've really missed hearing you all read and missed seeing the progress you would have made. If you have a chance today could you record yourselves reading a story, or maybe a set of words or even some of our phonics sounds and post them on tapestry for us to see. 

This is a fun phonic game called Alien Escape, can you help the alien escape by sounding out the words and clicking the corresponding letters CLICK HERE to play.

We thought it maybe helpful to post a little video explaining letter formation. Today's video starts with some of curly caterpillar letters. We've seen lots of wonderful writing on tapestry and we're so proud of all the hard work you are doing

Curly caterpillar letters c,a,o

You could practise these today, you could paint these letters, write with pen, draw them in sand, flour, mud! The list is endless!

Here are all the read write inc letter formation rhymes CLICK HERE

I know there have been some questions surrounding pencil grip. I'm going to post 2 videos showing you  different methods to help pencil grip. Different practitioners have different views about whether or not you alter a child's pencil grip when they are in recption. The key thing is that they are comfortable using the grip they are using and that it is not hindering their writing in any way. I have used the pinch method numerous times and found it works really well, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PINCH METHOD  Mrs McNally has used the pom pom method CLICK HERE FOR POM POM METHOD Shorter pencils are generally better and the chubby pencils as seen in my  handwriting video are good while children are still building up the strength in their hands. I hope these help!

Continuing with patterns today...

This game is all about predicting the next shape in the pattern SHAPE PATTERNS GAME

Can you make a pattern using natural materials from the garden? Maybe you could collect some resources on your walk today. You could use, sticks, pine cones, flower petals, leaves.

Have a great day everyone and we think you are all doing amazing job.

Well done EVERYONE 


Monday 18th May

Good Morning Beech Class,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend

We thought we could carry on with our Alien theme and look at the book 'Aliens love Underpants' Aliens love Underpants

After you have listened to the story, we were hoping you could draw a picture of your very own alien? The alien in Nick Cope's song had 3 eyes, how many eyes does your alien have? How many arms does it have? Does it have roller skates on?! Could you write about your alien and send us a picture on tapestry of your writing. Here's my alien!

Click Here for a jolly phonics card which has all the sounds, pictures and corresponding graphemes to help your child write their words or sentences. 

I've drawn some pants with repeating patterns on...

Alien pants


Can you talk about my patterns? I can see a pair of pants with a pattern that has a red heart, then a yellow star, a red heart, then yellow star, a red heart.... what comes next? 

I spot another pair that has a red dot, a blue dot, a red dot, a blue dot... Whats next?

Can you design your own underpants with a repeating pattern on? you could be really creative and draw the patterns, stick on stickers for patterns, find some stamps and stamp your patterns on. you could even use flowers from the garden to make your repeating pattern

We can't wait to see all your aliens and your repeating patterns on pants!!!!! 

If your feeling creative you could do some junk modeling and make your own alien space ship! 

 Sorry all my pictures are on their side! I can't seem to get them standing the right way round!!!!

Till tomorrow Beech Class

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally  


Dont forget you can get books to read online

Friday 15th May

How are you all doing today? I was so pleased to see lots of you making spider sandwiches and thinking of some disgusting monster treats!

We thought it would be lovely to keep using Spider Sandwiches today, you can listen to the book again.

Rather than just thinking of a  sandwich, could you write a whole disgusting menu?! Starters, main course and puddings! Beetle juice, slimy slug pies, creep crawley custard! They could all be as delicious or as yukky as you like! You could move on from a sandwich shop to a whole restaurant!!! You could draw and write about the perfect monster meal!

 Going back to spiders, can you find out any facts about spiders? You can write some down or someone at home could write them down for you. 

Do you have or know any other stories about stories about spiders?

You could watch this story THE VERY BUSY SPIDER by Eric Carle

You could try some of these fun maths activities from White Rose 

The Very Busy Spider Maths activties

I hope you all have a wonderful day and a restful weekend. Missing you all lots!

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally


Thursday 4th May

Good Morning Lovely Beech Class, 

I loved seeing you all on Zoom again and for all of you that wanted me to read 'Spider Sandwiches' here it is....

Here is the book 'Spider Sandwiches'  for you to enjoy click here

I bet that has made you all feel hungry! Will you be having a sandwich today for your lunch? Could you help make it? What will you put in your sandwich, what did you have to do first? Maybe you are going to try something you've never had in a sandwich before, I don't recommend  real spiders! YUK! but maybe you could make you sandwich look like a spider sandwich


Could you draw a picture of the best monster snack you can think of. You can label it and even write a few sentences about it. 

At home today you could play shops. You could have a sandwich shop. What types of sandwiches do you sell? How much do they cost? Would you be allowed some real money to play with? Mums and Dads this could be a great time to introduce/remind the children of those different coins.

Have some fun with spider sandwiches. Remember you also have the grid of reading activities, you could pick one of those and complete it for the book 'Spider Sandwiches'

Have a lovely day Beech Class, till tomorrow. 

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally :)

Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning Everyone! Can not wait to see you all on Zoom shortly for our weekly sing along with Marco. Don't We want to see your Alien pictures today. Log in and password is the same as last week as our music is now a recurring session. 

See you at 10am on Zoom

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally

Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning,

I've been re-watching clips of Geradine the Giraffe with Raife to revise all of our vowel digraphs. Why don't you watch one of these episodes today and go on a sound hunt around your house? You could be a sound detective! Look for these sounds in your books at home, spot things around your house that have these sounds in, you could write the words that you find or draw a picture of them.

Geraldine ai

Geraldine oo

Do you have any board games at home? Why not sit down and play a game of snakes and ladders or Ludo, any game using a dice to help counting on and number recognition. It could even be a game that needs someone to keep the scores. We'll look forward to seeing your games on Tapestry and who won!!!!

Hope you have a great day

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally

Monday11th May

Good Morning Beech Class, 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Firstly, as soon as we have more information from the government about a potential return to school we shall let you know. 

We were hoping that today you could practise your phonics by joining in with the Jolly Phonics song CLICK HERE

You could also practise writing your letters. Why don't you use sky writer to help you remember how they are formed correctly CLICK HERE. You could write your letters with your finger on your Mummy or Daddy's back, you could use a stick to draw them in sand or even mud. You could get a wet paint brush and draw them on the pavement outside your house or on a patio in the garden. You could even get some flour on a tray and draw them in there! I wonder if you van think of some other ways to write our letters.

Can you do the same thing with your numbers? Can  you practise how to write your numbers?

Don't forget music with Marco this Wednesday and we would LOVE to see your Alien pictures. This is the alien song by Nick Cope ALIEN SONG

Have a great day

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally

Thursday 6th May

Good Morning, 

I'm so sorry my post didn't appear on here yesterday! I definitely wrote one but I must not have saved it properly! Sorry! 

It was lovely seeing you all in your wonderful crazy hats and headwear yesterday, and we really enjoyed seeing everyone enjoying a bit of singing. Just to let you know we now have an assembly tab under home learning where you can listen to some of our favorite assembly songs, listen to an assembly or bible story and join in with some prayers. 

Tomorrow is a bank holiday (VE commemoration day) so we won't be posting on here. Are you having a VE celebration? Some people are having little parties in their house with their families. Let us know if you do anything special to celebrate.

Most importantly though have a break, enjoy the sun, your garden, going for walks together and just being together. Look for tadpoles, signs of baby birds hatching (we found part of an egg on the ground on our walk), keep hunting those minibeasts (we discovered May bugs buried in the earth in our garden yesterday, about 4 of them. we covered them back up and left them alone!) Listen to the birds singing, run around in the garden, play running races, ride your bikes and scooters and just have fun and keep safe.

We miss you all lots and will hopefully find out a bit more this weekend about when we might all return to school. 

Enjoy your long weekend

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally :)


Tuesday 5th May 

Hello Beech Class, 

We've been thinking about our phonics and we've really missed Geraldine! Mummys and Daddys can look up Geraldine by searching for 'Mr Thorne does phonics' or typing in Geraldine phonics or just click here for their youtube page. There are lots of phonics resources on the youtube page with lots of different phonemes. Revising sounds the children have already learnt is perfect for embedding their phonics knowledge.

Watch this bitesize clip about 3D shapes CLICK HERE. Can you keep a look out today for 3D shapes around your house? 


Don't forget one more day till music with Marco! We can't wait!! 

Have an awesome day everyone

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally x

Monday 4th May

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had an eventful weekend with Raife managing 3 "EPIC" falls on one walk!!! The last fall resulting in a stone being lodged in his knee!!! YUK!!! Never a dull moment here! ANYWAY...

A great resource to use to help with children's phonics and blending is Alphablocks. If you watch it with your child you can pause the video as they are about to sound out the word and get your child to sound it out and blend it, the press play again and listen to the alphablocks doing the same. There are lots of episodes on BBC iplayer, This episode is called 'Dog' CLICK HERE

Mrs McNally and I have been heading into school each week and it feels very strange to be there without all of you. We were wondering if you could pop us a little letter or card, to school, through the letterbox or in the post. It would really cheer us up. 

Well done to all the children that checked their purple mash accounts. I've added a few more 2Dos on. 

A few maths games to try today...

Try playing this maths game COUNT THE YETI How quickly can you count the yetis?

Or play caterpillar count and joint the numbers to 15 together CATERPILLAR COUNT

On BBC BITESIZE you can watch the video to support counting from 10-20 and complete a game. CLICK HERE 

Remember, these are all just ideas and suggestions. You can only do as much or as little as you feel is right for your child You also have the maths, reading and art challenges which you can complete and then repeat and you can post pictures onto tapestry for us to see. 

Quick reminder that we have music with Marco again this Wednesday at 10am. More details on tapestry. 

Have a great day everyone.



Friday 1st May

Good Morning Beech Class, 

We had lots of April showers yesterday, did you manage to get outside to play for a while? We managed to have a little walk while it was sunny. We were looking for all the beautiful flowers that are now out. We were trying to see how many we knew the names of and which ones were our favourite. If you go out for a walk this weekend, can you look out for some beautiful spring flowers? I wonder which ones you saw? You may even have some growing in your garden. 

Today is the first day of a new month. Do you know what month it is? It is May! 

CLICK HERE to hear a song to help you remember the months of the year. 

We love Numberblocks. In this episode they add one more on to lots of numbers. Can you count things around your house today and then add one more on. You could count how many apples in our fruit bowl and then find out what it would be if you added one more. You could count your teddy bears and then add one more. What did you count today? can you show us on Tapestry? 

Letters and Sounds some wonderful videos for reception and year 1 children, which go over the sounds we have already learnt in Beech class. 


These are all just little suggestions and ideas. Use the challenges too.

Everyday is different. Somedays we get lots done and I think I've totally got this and other days, well other days I just have to scrap any plans or ideas I had and go with it (YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!)  Mums and Dads, you're doing really well! We hope you all have the most wonderful relaxed weekend and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday for music!!!!

Thursday 30th April

Good Morning Beech Class, 

Have you sung the Jolly phonics song recently?  You could practice the Jolly Phonics song today? CLICK HERE FOR JOLLY PHONICS SONG 

It was so lovely seeing so many of you yesterday on Zoom for music with Marco and we absolutely loved all your pictures. What great song suggestions. If you'd like to hear the 4 most popular songs from today's music session click on the song name below.






Don't forget the Challenges we have for you on the home learning page. It's also so great to see all your posts on Tapestry. This week we've seen baking, art, dinosaur hunts, bike riding, yoga, reading games and more. Keep posting these! They make us really happy to see!

Have a great day. 

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally x x


Wednesday 29th April 

Good morning Beech Class! Remember it's music with Marco on Zoom this morning at 10am. The ID number and password have been posted on Tapestry. 

We CAN NOT wait to see you all. If you haven't drawn a picture of your favourite song yet, do it now! You still have time! 

See you in little while

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally 😊

 28/04/20 Tuesday


Hello Everyone. We hope that you have had a good day despite the very wet weather. It's lovely to see your observations on Tapestry. 

Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am we will meet via Zoom for our Beech Class sing-a-long session. Log in details are now available on Tapestry.

We hope to see you all tomorrow. Don't forget to bring along a picture of your favourite song to share.

Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Wk beg 27/04/20

Hello Beech Class. We hope you've had a good weekend and been able to enjoy the good weather.

We also hope that you are all keeping well and are managing a balance between finding a new routine and relaxing together.

It has been lovely to see what you are all doing at home. We really enjoy seeing your challenges and the fun things that you are all getting up to at home.

Hopefully you've now all seen both the home learning challenges that we have put on the home learning tab, and the tasks on Purple Mash? Keep sharing what you have done via Tapestry.

Don't forget to draw a picture of your favourite song from our music sessions with Marco. Get ready to show us these during our Zoom on Wednesday morning and perhaps Marco will be able to sing your favourite. You can always check out Nick Cope on YouTube to remind you of many of the songs we enjoy singing together. We will let you know the ID and password for Zoom via Tapestry soon.

To join in with Mrs McKee sing the Gruffalo song click here

Here’s a message from Mrs McNally too click here

I hope that you have been enjoying lots of stories at home. Here is a story that we thought you might enjoy about the current situation. 

Matilda & Theo Therapeutic Story

Stay safe and look after each other. We look forward to seeing your photos and video clips on Tapestry as well as being able to say hello to everyone during Wednesday's Zoom.

Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Friday 24th April

Good Morning Beech Class.

We've enjoyed seeing lots of you completing challenges we gave you. Number hunts around the garden, measuring everyone in the family (even the dog!) making numbers with playdoh, you guys have been busy. There were a few teething pronblems with purple mash and if you had problems finding the 2dos, I have spoken to Mrs Blackwood and she thinks she has sorted it out for you. Please let me know via tapestry whether you've managed to access the main page yet.

Has anyone been doing any baking? We've become a bit obsessed with baking different types of bread! So far we have baked, hot cross buns, a normal white loaf, Navajo flat bread (they were easy and delicious) and today we made pitta bread! If you have baked bread or sweet treats pop a picture on tapestry, We would love to see what you made., how you made it. There's also lots of skills being used when baking. Mathematical skills of weighing, reading numbers on the scales, which is heavier, which is lighter. Mixing, stirring, kneading, rolling are all great for motor skills, then the general chit chat you have about healthy eating etc. while baking! A fun task with lots of secret learning!!!!!

Hope you all have a 'FUN' Friday and a really relaxing weekend.

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally x

Thursday 23rd April HAPPY ST GEORGE'S DAY!!!!!!

Good Morning Beech Class. Firstly we absolutely loved seeing you yesterday on Zoom. Such wonderful singing and dancing everyone. We'll definitely be having another Zoom meeting same time next week. As soon as I have the log in details we will let you know via Tapestry. 

Have you been on Purple Mash yet? If not, your login details should be in your reading diaries, log in and give it a go. We have set a few '2 dos' on there so check the '2 do' tab at the top of the page and give these a go. Also let the children have a look at the different games on there particuarly an area called 'mini mash' which is specifically for the early years (the children are familiar with this as it's one we use at school).  If you're having problems finding your login please give us a call at school. 

We hope you've all had a chance to look at the challenges on our Home Learning page.

Parents, I have to say you are all doing a fab job!

Yesterday after music I could tell that Raife wasn't in the mood for much. I abandoned any teaching ideas I had and we played a game of snakes and ladders and went for a long walk. We talked about all the numbers on the snakes and ladders board, teen numbers, multiples of 10, odd and even numbers. We talked about how unfortunately sometimes it may look your about to win but then you slide down the snake to the bottom!!!! We had to wait and take turns, What i'm trying to say is that what seemed like a simple game of snakes and ladders was actually a huge maths/social skills lesson for Raife, without him even noticing. Our walk, we talked about the trees, evergreen, deciduous, conifers. We talked about minibeasts, bats, foxes. We had to look left and right as we crossed the road, we also had to listen for traffic. All of these important skills. Whatever you are doing at home, you are doing an amazing job and if you have ideas of doing one activity and no ones in the mood for it, just leave it! Go for a walk, play a game! 

Have a great day and we look forward to seeing more pictures on Tapestry. 

Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally x 


Good Morning Beech Class! We have our Zoom music session with Marco this morning at 10am! We cant wait to see all your smiling faces and hear all your beautiful singing voices. You can find all the login details on your tapestry page. If for any reason you can't find the details please call school who will have the login code and password. During the holidays Mrs McNally and I spent sometime together in school and recorded a really cool story that we found. It's called 'In a minute' and it's a story with lots of challenges that you have to complete in 60 seconds (1 minute). You will need an adult with a timer to help you. To watch 'In a Minute' click here   

I also found a book I have never read before, see if you can help me count all the legs while reading'How many legs?'   click here

We are really enjoying seeing all the wonderful activities you have been completing on tapestry and can't wait to see at 10am this morning! 



Hello Everyone! We hope that you have all now seen the learning activity grids over on the Home Learning tab. There is also a new story on Tapestry read by Mrs McNally. We are really enjoying seeing your adventures and activities on Tapestry so please keep these coming.

We will be holding a Zoom music session with Marco on Wednesday at 10am, so please keep an eye on your Tapestry notifications for the meeting ID and password.  

Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)

Wk beg 20/04/20 

A virtual welcome back! We hope that you have all had a lovely Easter period and managed to enjoy some family time.

During these uncertain times we hope that you are all staying safe and looking after your mental health and wellbeing. We know that this situation has affected different families in different ways and want to reassure you that if you are staying safe and looking after each other, then you are doing just fine! ;)

 As you will know, the Government have extended the current restriction period due to Covid-19 by a further three weeks, to date. This means that we will continue to only open the school building for those families who we have been in contact with as per the Government guidance. We will however continue to update correspondence on here, via our Home Learning tab and via Tapestry. 

Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)