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We love seeing all the things that you put on Tapestry. Please continue to share your child's achievements in order that we can celebrate with them. Please look out for further updates here and via Tapestry.

The Government have also released a list of recommended websites and activities for children 

 Government Learning Resources 

There are lots of suitable phonics, maths and literacy activities on here. Make sure to always look for links that say EYFS (Early years foundation stage)


Games to play at home, click on the links to get you to the games.


You need to listen to this story! its definitely one of Mrs McKee's favourites

There's a Bear on my Chair read by Tom Hardy

Phonics is a fantastic website which is currently offering free membership

Single sound games

Phonics bloom - a game for parents to play with their child. Letters are shown on the sail of the boat and children are to sounds them out.

Blending and reading words

Picnic on Pluto Phase 2 game - children sound and read the words then decide if this word goes to Ob who likes snacks with fake words on or his brother Bob who like snacks with real words on.

Dragons Den

Buried treasure Phonics game

Reading allows you to access some oxford reading tree books online. 


Helping with letter formation


 Maths Games

 Number blocks quiz

Outdoor learning

Some lovely outdoor learning ideas linked to the EYFS with lots of activities currently free.

 Purple Mash access - Mini Mash

Yoga - the children really enjoy cosmic kids yoga, this could also be enjoyed at home. Cosmic kids yoga



Firstly we would love you to keep practising the phonics song daily but could you also teach it to anyone at home with you? Can you also teach them the actions?




Oxford Owl is a fantastic website with a large range of children’s reading books online. This means you can continue reading at home with your child. It is also important for you to be reading to them at this stage too.




Maths activities can easily be snuck into everyday activities! Counting how many grapes for pudding, how many dollies or toy cars, adding one more or taking one away. We can make different size towers using bricks at home or lego and compare them. There are also games online which can help reinforce maths skills.

Top Marks is a great website with lots of interactive maths games on.




Can you share with us something you are proud of? It may be a piece of work you have completed, some gardening you have done, a painting, a cake you have baked, anything!

Something you have found. This could be a piece of information you have found out, it could be a toy at home that you have found, a song that you have just discovered…

And finally a sound. Each day we will give you a different sound and just like Geraldine we will set you off around your house to find something beginning with that sound!


Here you will find three different grids one maths, one literacy and one creative. Click on these to find a range of activities which you can complete as and when you want. Don't forget to take photos and post them on tapestry for us to see.

Maths challenges /docs/Maths_Challenge.docx

Literacy Challenges Literacy challenges

Creative Challenges Creative Challenge