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1st May

Monday Bank Holiday

Tuesday Strike Day


This week we are learning about The King's Coronation. In drawing club, we will be reading the story The King's Pants.


We will also be continuing with our Sunflower Challenge, continuing to paint sunflowers.  We will also be exploring the seed packets and seeing what we notice and what we can find out about what sunflowers look like, how to plant them, when to plant them, what are the different types of sunflowers, where we can buy them from and to see if we can spot any numbers and words on the seed packets.


In phonics, this week we will be recapping the sounds or, ur and ow and writing sentences with these sounds. We are focusing on all the tricky words we have learnt so far. 


In maths, we will become maths detectives by estimating different amounts of sunflower seeds. We will put our seeds on a ten frame to see how many we have. We will then try to work out how many seeds and pots we need so everyone has one to plant.