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15th May

P.E Tuesday's and Wednesday's.


In drawing club, we will be watching the cartoon 'Trapdoor.' We will be drawing the Berk, his castle and designing a monster to come up out of the trapdoor, how can we rescue the monster from being the master's breakfast.


We will also be planning what we will want to make out of clay and exploring different techniques and tools. 


We will also be continuing with our Sunflower Challenge, we have found out which is the best pot to plant a sunflower seed by measuring using our biggest finger. Next week we will be planting our sunflower seeds. We will measure using our fingers  where to place the seed and we will be writing to our seeds to encourage them to grow. We will also be investigating where plants hide their seeds. Do all plants grow from seeds? Can we compare the seeds of different plants?  


In phonics, this week we will be recapping the sounds are, ear and air and writing sentences with these sounds. We are focusing on all the tricky words and writing sentences using the tricky words we have learnt.


In maths, we are learning about different shapes, matching and rotating shapes. We will also be solving problems involving addition and subtraction.