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Fittleworth C. E. Village School


Oak Class


W/B 16/10/17

We have had great fun this week designing our own aliens in Oak Class. We met Adam Adjective, who taught us all about adjectives (describing words) and we thought of lots of different adjectives to describe our own aliens! 

Our sound of the week is the split digraph a_e as in cake, late, gate etc. This is probably the best Alphablocks episode and reinforces the split digraph (magic e) rule. Alphablocks 'Magic e'

In Maths this week we have been learning to tell the time. We have learnt O'clock and half past the hour and it would be great if you can practise this at home to reinforce what we have learnt at school. 

A quick note about milk, your child no longer receives free school milk but lots are wanting it during fruit time. If your child would like milk at school please log on to Cool Milk. You can register there and pay for your milk on line. 

We hope you all have a wonderful half term break. Don't forget school's Firework night on Saturday 28th October.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 30th October. 

W/B 9/10/17 

We have had a great week in Oak Class, we were so interested in the moon landing and space that we have now begun to learn more about it! We have also been reading a really funny book called ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. 

Our sound in phonics this week is the ‘ai’ as in train and ‘ay’ as in day sound. This is a great episode of alphablocks to watch to reinforce the sounds. Alphablocks 'ai' 'ay' and 'a_e'

In Maths this week we have been finding numbers on a number line and we have looked at fractions. Use your purple mash account to find a great pizza fraction game. 

We are moving on to time next week so get looking at those clocks and watches!! 


W/B 2/10/17

We have been working hard in Oak class this week. We have been learning about the first ever moon landing and thought about how Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin would have felt walking on the moon. We have also talked about Tim Peake and watched a video of him playing water ping pong in space! We have even designed and labelled our own rockets.

In phonics this week our sound is 'ng' as in ring and 'nk' as in pink. Trying practising phonics at home using Deep Sea Phonics

In Maths this week both year 1 and 2s have been working on learning their number bonds to 10 and then 20. Number bonds are the 2 numbers that can be added together to make one number for example




3+7=10 etc

This is our favourite number bonds song at the moment and the children are great at singing along! That makes 10

You can practise number bonds to 20 using The Funky Mummy Game and number bonds to 10 using the 'Save the Whale' game which is linked below.

Just a reminder that this Friday is a show and tell Friday, children can bring in anything they have written or drawn, photos or booklets about somewhere they have been. Please no toys.

W/B 25/9/17

We've been busy in Oak class this week. We have been very lucky and had some old toys in to look at. We talked about what the toys were made from and how they were played with. We also thought of questions we could ask our grandparents about life when they were young.

In maths this week we have been measuring. Year 1s were measuring using non standard measure (we used multi links and bricks) and were really good at finding objects smaller than a 1 metre and longer than 1 metre. Practise measuring at home asking children to find objects that are longer or shorter than a given object. allow them to put items into size order.

Year 2s have been measuring using cm. They were able to find objects shorter than 10cm and measure them to the nearest cm and objects that were longer. Practise measuring at home giving children a ruler and ask them to find objects to measure to the nearest cm. 

Our phonics sounds this week are words ending in -ing as in jumping, -ed as in jumped and -er as in jumper. Use your sound book to look at the words and talk about words with these endings at home.

W/B 18/9/17

We have had a great week in Oak class and the children are working hard and filling up their sticker charts. We are still looking at toys and are beginning to compare our toys to toys from the past.

Our phonics sounds this week are 'll' as in well, 'zz' as in buzz and 'ck' as in kick. These sounds will be in your sound books with more examples of words with those sounds. Look at these words with your child, see if you can spot words with those sounds in. Look for them when you're reading, around the house and when you're out and about! Click here to play Deep Sea Phonics games

In maths this week we have been adding coins (up to 10p/20p) to make different amounts. At home, show your child different coins and let them play with them and add them together. If you get the opportunity you could take them shopping and let them use the coins to buy something. You can also play the Toy Shop Money Game to practise adding coins together.

WELCOME BACK. We hope you had the most amazing summer.

We spent the first week just settling back in, getting to know each other and we're getting used to new routines.

W/B 11/9/17

This week we have continued with our 'All about me' topic and have had fun looking at our favourite toys. We found out why they are so special to us and we heard stories about lost toys!

Our phonics sound this week is 'ff' and 'ss' e.g. puff, miss, off, kiss

In maths this week we are learning about the number bonds that make 5. 

0+5=5, 1+4=5, 2+3=5, 3+2=5, 4+1=5, 5+0=5 

You can practice number bonds to 10 at home using this game. save the whale

 Summer Term 2017

Welcome Back! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday and feel well rested and ready for a busy term. 

This week we have started the summer term by throwing ourselves in to our new topic which is KNIGHTS and CASTLES. We have already learnt about a Motte and Bailey castle and who lived and worked within the castle grounds. 

In Maths this week year 2s have been doing lots of division and looking at different ways we can do this both mentally and practically. 

Year 1s are comparing numbers and looking at partitioning into tens and ones. 

Keep using Mathletics, practising common exception words and year 1s practise all the sounds in your sound books at home. 

W/B 27.3.17

This week is planes week. We have learnt about the history of planes and watched some very funny videos on first attempts at flying. We also watched the first ever flight by the Wright brothers.

Our phonics this week is revising all the different ways to make the 'a' sound ai, ay, a_e

In maths we have been using coins and adding coins to make different amounts. Click here to play this money game. money game

W/B 20.3.17 This week is train week. We have been learning about the life and inventions of George Stephenson, 'The Father of the Railway' Click on this link to learn more about his life and play a fun inventing game. George Stephenson

 W/B 13.3.17 This week is bike week. Children brought in their bikes and have had fun riding them on the playground and drawing them for their piece of writing. 

In maths this week year 1s have been learning number bonds to 8, 9 and 10. Click on this link to reinforce number bonds. Practise number bonds up to and within 20 with the funky mummy game

Year 2s have been learning about inverse operations.  Keep practising times tables at home. You can use this game to help with lots of maths skills. Hit the button

Our phonics sound this week is 'are' as in care, stare etc.

Year 2s have been learning about suffixes and adding ing, ed, est and er. 

REMINDER Next Thursday we are on a trip to The Wyevale Garden Centre in Pulborough to visit South Downs Light Railway. We will be there from 10am and will be back at school in time for lunch. 


 W/B 6.3.17 We are starting our new topic this week. Our topic is 'On the Move'. This week we are looking at cars. 

In maths this week year 1s have been learning about capacity and measuring using non standard measure and at the end of the week will be learning about data and creating tally charts and pictogram.

Year 2s have continued learning about fractions of numbers. You can practise at home using Fraction Flags 

w/B 27.2.17 Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful half term. We are having an exciting week as we had our trip to Kew Gardens yesterday. We are all a bit tired but have managed some amazing writing today about our trip. 

This week our phonic sounds are 'er' 'aw' and 'au'.

In maths year 1s have been measuring using non-standard measure. 

Year 2s have been learning about fractions of shape and numbers.Here's the link to a fun game you could practise at home.


W/B 13.2.17 This week in maths Year 1s have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones and  Year 2s have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10. 

This week we have been revising the phonics sound ow, oa and o-e. 

Practise your phonics at home and play obb and bob




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