Fittleworth C. E. Village School

Fittleworth C. E. Village School


Spring 2018

w/b 5th March

What a lovey week it has been, meeting with parents & sharing all the progress that's been made this term so far. Maple Class, you did yourselves proud! All that reading has been paying off! 

Homework: A discussion that I had with many, if not all, parents was the expectations of homework. In Maple Class, new spelling lists are handed out on a Monday. The children are told to look at these spellings every day for not more than 5 minutes. They should write each word at least once, maybe write them into a sentence, use bubble letters, find them in their reading books, write them onto pieces of card & display them round the house... anything that helps them to learn the words. There is no official spelling test but I will be carrying out another spelling 'check' in the Summer term which will then inform the next teacher which words still need revising. For now, the exhaustive list of words can be found inside the front cover of the purple spelling books. Or the fish can be coloured in as and when children feel confident that they know these words. Please keep reading every day. Children are encouraged to read books or texts that interest THEM! Keep a record of their reading. I will take a quick look in the diaries every week & names will still be entered into the reading raffle if I can see evidence of daily reading. Enjoy it!

Maths: This week we were looking at strategies for solving addition & subtraction calculations. Year 2 were relating this to money which they found  little tricky! How often do we use cash, coins & notes these days? I know I rarely do! If you have any loose change at home, maybe you could let your children 'play' with it & practise working out change. We will come back to this again in the next few weeks. 

Literacy: We have finally finished our Viking booklets & they look fab! Ready to be stuck into Topic books. 

Topic: We have been learning all about Vikings as warriors. This week we made our Viking shields & they look fab! 

NEXT WEEK! RE Day is on Wednesday. We will be spending time in every class exploring our Big Frieze. Come ready to discuss what you have noticed in all the pictures. We will end the day at the church with Father Colin to share what we have discovered. World Book Day is THIS THURSDAY! Have you got your costume ready? We will spend the day reading beautiful books, buddy reading & writing our own stories. There may even be a prize for the most creative costume...! 

In Maths we will be exploring shapes & symmetry. How many 2D & 3D shapes can you name? Can you spot any in your house? 

Here's to another great week! 


w/b 26th February

Wow - it's chilly this week! We have seen flurries of snow all week & finally today, Thursday, we have a day off school! But do not panic, there are lots of lovely things you can all be doing on this snowy day!

READ: Stay warm, put on your onesies & enjoy what you have at home. Do you have lots of books on your bookshelves that you haven't looked through recently? Now is a good day to pop some music on & have a big clear out. Rediscover an old book, snuggle up on the sofa & get lost in the story. Draw a picture or write a sentence about your favourite character. Stop reading half way through & write an ending for your story. Perhaps you picked out an information book. What new fact did you learn today?

BAKE: What's your favourite thing to bake? Have a rummage through the cooking cupboards with your grown up & see what you could throw together today. Maybe you have some bananas that are starting to look a bit spotty...banana bread tastes delicious when its fresh out the oven. Or perhaps you'd like to cook your own tea tonight. Could you design & make your own pizza? I would have tuna & sweetcorn on top of mine. What about you?

SING & DANCE: We listen to a lot of music in Maple class to help us when we are working. What is your favourite style of music? Perhaps you could write your own song today to a familiar tune. Or maybe you prefer to move to music like I do! Why don't you have a 'Kitchen Disco' & boogie to a song on the radio!

PLAY OUTSIDE: Do you have a real log burning fire at home? Maybe you are busy already helping your grown ups to collect firewood for the fire. Remember to wrap up warm! Those of you that live near to a hill, go sledging! Build a snowman! Can you build an igloo? Or a den using sticks... Feeling brave? Why not test how warm your den is & try reading your book outside? (Maybe take a blanket with you too!) 

Whatever you do today, have fun! And stay warm. I want to hear all about it next week! :) Mrs W xxx


w/b 19th February

This week Maple Class did a great job with their first class assembly of the year. Everyone learnt their lines well & spoke clearly on the morning. All the children enjoyed sharing what we have been learning about volcanoes. Well done everyone!

Topic / Literacy: We kicked off the new half term in style as we met the Vikings. We read the story Dragon Stew which made us laugh! It inspired us to wrote our own dragon & Viking themed poems.

Maths: It's all about fractions this week. We found fractions of different amounts & shapes. We coloured in our own fractions stained glass windows.

Reading Raffle: Milo won our class raffle this week. Well done Milo! Enjoy reading your new book.   

NEXT WEEK: The weather forecast is cold & snowy so please remember to bring enough layers of warm clothing for playtimes including hats, scarves & gloves.


w/b 5th February 

4 DAY WEEK! Friday is an Inset Day for the teachers.

Literacy: This week we will be writing up the first draft of our volcano stories. We will be editing & re-drafting before writing up the final draft into books. 

Maths: We must practise our times tables this week. We will be recapping strategies to use to help us with multiplication & division, and we'll finish the week with a 'Beat the Clock' times tables challenge. 

TUESDAY: Year 3 will be visiting Pulborough Brooks to finish their Science 'Rocks' topic in style. Bring wellies & waterproof jackets in case the weather is a bit dodgy. Year 2 will spend the afternoon with Mrs McKee.

Reading: Well done to Herbie for winning our Reading Raffle this week. Who will win next week? Remember to keep a daily record in your diaries of all the good reading you are doing.  

DATE FOR YOUR DIARIES: Maple Class Assembly will be on Wednesday 21st February at 9am. 

Have a happy & relaxing half term break. Keep up the reading! xxx


w/b 29th January 


HOMEWORK! On Thursday last week we handed out maths homework to measure your toys. Bring that with you this week as we'll be comparing our results. 

Maths: Measuring! We will be investigating mass, length & capacity this week and learning how to read different scales & units of measure. Can you find any scales at home, perhaps on a measuring jug in the kitchen? Or on a ruler at your desk? What about on the food packets in your cupboards? Can you find out how much they weigh?

Literacy: Our volcano posters are looking fabulous! You all worked so hard on them & should feel very proud of yourselves. Let's write stories this week involving a natural disaster... Who will your main characters be? Where will your story be set? And what sticky situation will your characters find themselves in? I wonder how your story will end...

Reading: Another fantastic effort by everyone in Maple Class with nearly everyone earning themselves a Smelly Sticker! Henry won our Reading Raffle - excellent job Henry! Enjoy your prize. Don't forget to keep writing in those comments for all the good reading you do throughout the week everyone. 

PYJAMA DAY!! This Wednesday we will be staying all warm & snugly in our pyjamas for the day. Bring your favourite book to read & share with the class. 


w/b 22nd January

Literacy: Now we have researched volcanoes & made lots of notes, we are ready to write up our posters! We will be planning how to present our information with headings, sub - headings, labelled diagrams & writing in paragraphs. 

Maths: "What's the time Mr Wolf?" It is time we dusted off our clocks & learned how to read them! Practise at home this week, telling your parents what time it is right now on your clocks. 

Reading: Maple Class pulled out all the stops last week & read more than 5 times at home! I was blown away. Everyone received a certificate & Harry won our Reading Raffle! Well done Harry. 


w/b 15th January

Volcano Week! 

Last week we started to learn all about volcanoes. This week in Literacy we will be planning our very own volcano posters. We will be using topic books, the internet & other sources to research volcanoes before writing up what we learn. In Art, we will be sketching our own volcanoes & adding detail using charcoal & paint. 

Maths: We will be adding & subtracting one digit numbers from 2 & 3 digit numbers using a range of strategies. 

Reading: This week sees the launch of our Roald Dahl groups for our 'ERIC' (Everyone Reading In Class) times. Don't forget to record your daily reading in your reading diaries. I will be checking on Tuesday afternoon to see who will be awarded a certificate...perhaps your name will be entered into our Reading Raffle...


w/b 8th January

Literacy: Using George's Marvellous Medicine, we have wasted no time in delving into the gloriumptious world of Roald Dahl this week. His use of language to describe Grandma is so funny that it has inspired us to write our own character profiles & recipes using lots of delicious adjectives. (Do not try any of these medicines at home!)

Maths: Place value & number work this week. We will be placing two & three digit numbers on number lines as well as using what we know about place value to order & compare numbers. 

Topic: In Science, Year 3's begin to examine rocks this week. Who can remember the names of the 3 different types of rocks & how they are formed? In Geography we are explaining how volcanoes are formed. 

READING: Maple Class will be reading twice a week to an adult in school every week. It would be fantastic if grown ups could be hearing children read THREE times a week (e.g. Mon, Weds, Fri) and recording this in the reading diaries. I will be giving out special stickers to those who have 3 recorded reads in total a week & an even more special treat will be given to those who can squeeze in any more reading in a week!

Mrs W x


Welcome back!

Welcome back Maple Class & Happy New Year! Thank you for making my first day such a happy one. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. My holidays were mostly spent playing out & about with my two children, eating lots of chocolate & enjoying many pyjama days at home. It was lovely but now I am ready & excited for this new half term with you all! 

This half term we will be learning all about Roald Dahl in our Literacy lessons, so get reading any of his books that you may have at home. As part of Geography, we will be finding out about natural disasters. The year 3's will be learning more about rocks in Science. 

Why don't you write down any questions you may have about the earth for us to answer together in class? 

Mrs Westbrook :) 


Autumn 2017


This month we are looking forward to our Christmas play and are working very hard at our rehearsals.

Friday 1st December - Christmas fair. Remember your biscuits you made you can buy at our fair. 

Thursday 4th December - We are off to the cinema to watch Paddington 2 in the morning.

w/b 27th November

This week we will be looking at lines, angles and turns. Keep practising your times tables, you are all getting so much better. Remember to use Mathletics! In literacy we will be looking at non chronological reports. 

w/b 20th November

This week we will looking at shapes! Can you describe the properties of any shapes around the house. We will be focusing on our SPAG. We will be looking at writing letters. 

w/b 13th November

This week we have been doing subtraction. Year 2's have been using a number line method and year 3's have learnt the formal written method and used the inverse to check their answers. In literacy the children have been looking at instructions,why not make something at home and encourage your child to write them in their home learning books. 

Don't forget to practise your xmas words.

w/b 6th November

This week in maths we will be working on division, using different methods to solve them. In literacy we will be writing poetry about fireworks and remembrance day. 

Our sharing and showing assembly is on Tuesday so we will be practising it on Monday. 

We are also starting our Christmas play 'What a Star'. Make sure you practise the song words and any lines you may be given at home. 

w/b 30th October

Hope you all had a lovely half term and now ready for our run up to Christmas. 

We will be continuing our work on fractions to begin the week and move onto more number work. in our topic lessons we will be looking at the Olympics, designing an Olympic plate, making a clay pot and other work on this area. We will begin to write your own Greek style myth.

W/b 23rd October

Half term

Fittleworth bonfire and firework night 28th October. Please stay safe.

Remember to read, go on Mathletics, learn your spelling patterns for this half term and do something in your home learning book.

W/b 16th October

We are loving our Greek topic, ask your child to tell you about their favourite Greek myth. In maths, we will be looking at fractions. At home, you could get the children to cut food into given fractions, share food into half, quarters, thirds etc, using the vocabulary needed for fractions. 

Remember bonfire building Thursday and it's the last year 2 forest school this week. 

Friday is an INSET day.

w/b 9th October

This week we will be focusing on multiplication in maths. The year 2's will be looking at arrays and x 10, 2, 5 and 3. Year 3 will look at the times tables 10, 2, 5, 3 , 4 and 8 and will learn the grid method to solve 1 x 2 digit multiplication. You could practise times tables in the car or in the bath! Try to  practise them in a random order and relate them to division e.g. how many 5's in 35? 

We will be continuing to look at the trojan horse and Greek gods. 

Remember Tuesday is our Harvest festival at the church.  Maple class will be sharing what they have learnt about food banks. 

w/b 2nd October 

This week we will be looking at the Trojan horse and Pandora's box. In maths, we will be working with money, adding money and working out change. Why not ask your children to add some coins together, make an amount, add two amounts in a shop and work out the change. 

Remember to practise your spellings at home and times tables. I will try and test you on your times table this week.

w/b 25th September

This week we will continue to look at Medusa. In Maths, we will be working on telling the time. Please practise telling the time at home. 

Have your children done some work in their home learning book yet?

w/b 18th September

This week our mythical character is Medusa! Maybe the children could describe her to you or retell the story. In Maths the children will be subtracting through using a number line or partitioning methods.

silent 'w' game

takeaway games

Times table game We will be assessing your child's times table knowledge.


W/b 11th September 

This week the children will be learning about some of the Greek constellations and also exploring the Greek myth of the Minotaur. In maths they will be working on their number bonds and focusing on addition and written methods to support this. 

Hit the button addition

adding easier

adding harder

Remember to use mathletics

purple mash

spellings - vowel digraphs 

ei game




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